Welcome to L.A.

Welcome to L.A.

The lives and romantic entanglements of a group of young adults who have achieved "overnight" success in Los Angeles.

The lives and romantic entanglements of a group of young adults who have achieved "overnight" success in Los Angeles. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Welcome to L.A. torrent reviews

sabeer h (it) wrote: My friends and I have plenty of "himmat" having sat through many a bad movie in our time. However we didn't have the "himmat" to sit through this nonsense of a movie. The disclaimer said no animals were harmed in the making of this movie but its the people who have suffered at the hands of this movie that they should be worried about. I am still suffering from PHSD (post himmatwala stress disorder).Nonsense plot, bad acting, worse jokes and awful soundtrack (mar uske bum pe laat jo tujhe darata hai). It's the makers who need a good kick up the backside.Never mind "himmat", keep your "izzat" and stay away from this movie.

Elgan D (ag) wrote: A journey into the abyss. The dark subject matter of the main narrative is slowly enveloped by the blackness the centre of the human condition. A little long but hugely engrossing

Saad K (mx) wrote: Apart - TRASH IT (C-)A movie about two lovers becoming victim of Folie deux (Induced delusional disorder (F.24) ICD-10) is a great notion on the paper but somehow it didn't translate well onscreen.Apart moves chronically and at times non-chronically, which makes it's really confusing. When you choose a topic as confusing as (F.24) ICD-10 its better to move the movie in more sensible manner. Olesya Rulin does her part well coming out from Disney movies. Josh Danziger is expressionless most of the times. And all emotions seems same on his face he was as miserable after the accident as he was before. FYI if you have wrote the movie it doesn't give you the permission to star in it as well.Overall, Apart makers were thinking they' were making something indie phenomena but unfortunately it became indie disappointment.

Peter P (fr) wrote: Really good doc. about the loss of freedom to question the status qua in science today, dealing mainly with Darwinism. Sure, it is kinda one sided, but that side is hardly ever looked at so that is OK. After reading several reviews about this film I think a bunch of people have missed the point. Ben Stein is not saying evolution is wrong, he is saying that it does not explain everything and we should be free to look at the evidence and follow it where it leads, even if that is towards God or an intelligent creator and away from Darwin (I found it funny the Dawkins will say intelligent design could work if aliens did it, but that is not a real argument, cause all you do is move not being able to explain how life started to another planet, with no way to say how they started. So to recap Dawkins, Aliens good, God or a higher power bad, yep, that sounds like science to me.). Darwin's theory of evolution is accepted by much of science today, but not by all, it is not a perfect theory and it can not even begin to explain how life started. Unfortunately, Ben Stein uses old propaganda films that mock modern day scientific knowledge, that is where I think he could have done better, and he does tend to go to extremes with a few of the examples of evolution taken to its extreme, Nazi's, no freewill and such, but it does ask the question, if you are going to believe in Darwin's theory 100%, then it does open up a can a worms about us as people that most people don't want to think about. For example, if it is truly survival of the fittest, the maybe we should not be helping the old and handicapped, because if they can't keep up and provide for themselves, like in the animal kingdom, and we are just animals according to the theory, then we either need to let them die or get rid of them. This doc. does a good job of asking these question, it could have been done a little better, but I liked it for what it is.Oh yeah, if it comes down to God or crystals, I pick God every time.

Lawrence A (ru) wrote: hey i hypnotised you! "no you didn't, i was just sleeping" oh yeah? how'd you get my handcuffs on you? whaaa---??? fuck this.

Aaron C (br) wrote: time has dated this experimental series of vignettes directed by Jim Jarmusch the concepts shockingly simple plays at times like a student film, ya gotta take the good with the bad with this one.

Fabien K (ca) wrote: le plus mauvais tsui hark

Vanessa K (ru) wrote: This is soo freakin cool love this show I'm not horny or anything like tht but I'm jus sayin tht I love sexual movies like this! :D

Jake A (it) wrote: At the centre of this true story is an utterly brilliant performance by Julia Roberts as the lead character. She manages to be funny, charming, engrossing and utterly believable. The rest of the cast is also really good, I adore the score, the script is solid and since I had never heard of the events depicted in this film I was utterly engrossed and appalled that such a thing could happen. Annoys me that I have until now only seen this film but I am glad I finally did.

Jackson M (br) wrote: This is my favorite film in the series

Cindy C (mx) wrote: Great scenary and cast

Ryan T (fr) wrote: Don't waste your time. Life is too short.

Rachel L (fr) wrote: I love this movie its cute and molly is a great actress.

ZRex X (es) wrote: only watched it cuz the kid yells CORNBREAAAD when the dude get shot

Matthew T (gb) wrote: Visconti is a great Director and this is the film that nearly finished him off. I can see why, the amount of work this must have taken is extraordinary. Some great performances and great Cinematography. A little bit saggy in places but on the whole a great achievement.

Benjamin O (ru) wrote: Sinister excellence.

Anne F (au) wrote: Fun silent film from von Stroheim

Derek W (it) wrote: Sharp writing and an abundance of memorable characters make this an inspirational and hilarious ride.

Caroline D (de) wrote: This movie was just meh. I didn't hate it but also thought it could have been better.