Welcome to Werewolfland

Welcome to Werewolfland

Documentary about the making of "The Howling".

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:49 minutes
  • Release:2004
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:making of,  

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Welcome to Werewolfland torrent reviews

Michael B (us) wrote: This is just like watching Paranormal Activity! If you are a fan of those movies, you will find this to be quite entertaining & suspenseful

Steven M (ca) wrote: As great as good movies get, but still just a good movie.

Lee B (mx) wrote: Really poor film with very little to say for itself. The performances were ok, but the storylines were weak; giving them little to work with. There was so much self-indulgence from the director trying to make an art/realism film which failed, and this was mirrored in Panthaki and the prostitutes story.

Tyler A (nl) wrote: torture flick, sumtimes you have to take revenge into your own hands. filmed around Fraser Valley and the creepy house the serial killer lives in Is actually in my hometown Mission Creep city

Logan M (kr) wrote: Touching and funny, as well as a charming animated take on the martial arts genre of film.

Ross M (ca) wrote: The movie is filled with uplifting and ass kicking action that promises an entertaining experience about three gorgeous women participating in a fighting competition, only to discover DOA has a dark secret.

Don S (au) wrote: "An accident, Dolores, can be an unhappy woman's best friend."and if that don't do it for you, here's another quote from the movie:"Sometimes, being a bitch is all a woman has to hang onto."I liked the book that this is based on quite a bit, and I think they did a dang good job with this movie! And it helps to no end that Kathy Bates is just an amazing actress! She's 2 for 2 in Stephen King movies, in my book, and I hope she goes for 3 some day! I liked the use of colors in this film, especially as it applied to flashback memories. Well done! I didn't like Selena's bigger role, bigger than in the book, but I think it probably works that way better in a movie. I'd still say the book is better, as I almost always do, but this movie is a good one! And Kathy Bates, well, she is a GREAT one!

Nemo P (nl) wrote: If there was any movie that would be my biography.

Conner R (au) wrote: Great acting from Paul Newman and Lee Marvin as well as directing from Stuart Rosenberg, but this is a complete mess of a story and almost incomprehensible. It's a movie that makes you question if there was ever really a story being told at all. There's a man trying to transport horses and that's really all you can say abut the entire movie, it's difficult just to be so. I think with a better script it would've been something like Hud.

Tim B (br) wrote: Heath ledge delivers one of the all time great acting performances.

Serge L (nl) wrote: Sorry to say but comedy in Kabul, where we see the devastation and the real tensions did not work well. There was some effort made but the subject did not go well. Plus, the english trying to show the locals was just one more level of insulting or demeaning. It just could not be very funny. It was however somehow informative of the local places. We could feel there, although I can't be sure where it was filmed.