Well Done

Well Done

This is the story of Armaan Ali, a driver working for a senior executive in Mumbai. He takes a month's leave to find a husband for his teenage daughter, who lives near Hyderabad. When he is delayed and returns to work after three months, his employer threatens to sack him. But he is persuaded to listen to the reason for Armaan Ali's delay. The story he relates is delightful, hilarious -- and poignant.

Chef Nicholas dazzles the patrons of Cafe Luna with his delectable cuisine, but when it comes to professing his love for the waitress Penelope, he can't muster a single word. Bringing his ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ahmed A (ca) wrote: horrible!!! strongly RECOMMENDED for my Enemies!! ;-S

Angela F (de) wrote: It's fanciful, funny, and has a touch of romance. Three-Fourths of this movie is positively delightful, but the conclusion requires almost too much suspension of disbelief. Almost.

John M (kr) wrote: This visually stunning, ambitious work is innovative, clever, touching and cute. I was impressed with how well-thought-through this is, and the extent to which I invested in the two boys. A very well-made and enjoyable film.

Chad D (ru) wrote: Relatively funny, but proves David Spade can't completely hold his own as a star, and is better when co-starring with others.

Tanner B (nl) wrote: Fantastic Four (2005) C-106m. BOMB D: Tim Story. Ioan Gruffudd, Michael Chiklis, Chris Evans, Jessica Alba. Inauspicious adaptation of familiar Stan Lee/ Jack Kirby superhero comic books with familiar character competitions, one-liners, evil masterminds. Nothing escapes heavy-handedness. Definitely one time you should read the comics instead. You know something's wrong when a film makes Jessica Alba invisible. "Extended edition" runs 125m. Sequel: FANTASTIC 4: RISE OF THE SILVER SURFER.

Grant T (de) wrote: An incredibly funny "flick" that uses its satire to the maximum. Mattes Broderick and Reese Witherspoon are fantastic and Chris Klein was a surprisingly nice addition. This was great from start to finish

Boris M (ca) wrote: An amazing story of how God provided for his chosen people one more time. The film is based on event that happened in 1970s, when a french airplane was hijacked and over 100 Israelies were held hostage on Entebbe airport in Uganda.

Cody C (us) wrote: Fantastic movie. Great script, great visuals, great acting. What more can you want? Douglas Sirk is a genius. That's all there is to it. People go on about how Kubrick does amazing work with mirrors, but honestly, Douglas Sirk does mirror shit just as well, if not better at times. The man is an unsung hero of film history.First of all the script, although maybe a little hokey at times, contains so much acerbic wit that it's hard to believe this shit even come out in the 50's. You'd swear Whit Stillman got in a time machine and did some punch-up work.And maybe Ayn Rand did some punch-up work too, because this movie is unabashedly about individualism and objectivism and all that good shit that you faggots with your signs and your beards think means 'greed is good' or whatever you pieces of shit I'll fuck your motherrrrrrrThe lighting in this movie is unbelievable. That was not a hyperbolic statement. I seriously cannot believe the lighting. I didn't think that shit was possible in the 50's, or ever. Granted, I don't know much about lighting. But I know good lighting when I see it. This movie is lit well. I can't wait to rip it off in future movies of mine.Anyway, see this movie. And also watch 'Leon Morin, Priest' as a sorta film school double-feature. Two under-appreciated directors tackling similar topics, but with different takes. I know none of you are going to do this. I also know none of you read this. I hate all of you. You're bastard people. This movie is great. Die in a fire.

Nicholas W (br) wrote: one of My favorite movies

Gotham H (fr) wrote: I really loved this movie, it's just an amazing movie and one of my favourite animation movies. The story of the movie is great

Andrew L (mx) wrote: If you like Michael Bay films, if you like over-the-top testosterone-fuelled silliness, and if you like what has gone before in this series, then you will love this film. If you were a fan of Transformers before Bay came along, or have any cinematic or moral taste at all, then you will absolutely hate it.There's no proper screentime for the Transformers themselves, in particular the villains (who have no impact on the story what-so-ever), but far too much of Shia Labeouf screaming and whining about how life is soooo depressing going out with a victoria secrets mode. Every supporting character feels like yet another needless comic relief and every action sequence feels like yet another glorified advert for the US military.Everything in this movie is both overwhelming and underwhelming at the same time. It's a film series based on a toy franchise, so I dont expect oscar winning material... but I expected something better than this over-bloated mess.

Gail N (br) wrote: Loved it. We need more true stories like this today. Too much violence, gore, sex and hatred in todays movies.

Temuul E (ru) wrote: Absolute Masterpiece of cinema.