Wellkåmm to Verona

Wellkåmm to Verona

In a sanatorium for people in their 60's Walter meets Virginia and falls in love. His boyish invites only upset her. In another attempt to capture her interest he directs "Romeo and Juliet" starring the residents of the sanatorium.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:98 minutes
  • Release:2006
  • Language:
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:acting,   play,   rehearsal,  

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Wellkåmm to Verona torrent reviews

Marah R (de) wrote: There's nothing really original in the movie as we've seen countless horror films filmed using a handheld camera. It is painfully slow, ridiculously stupid, and a great waste of time.

Ranel V (jp) wrote: It gives me the creeps for faithfully depicting the titular place. Although the acting could have been better, the film nevertheless delivers with tight emotional grip.

Gerald II B (fr) wrote: this one really wasn't bad. not the best of either actors careers, but i almost didn't get it cause the last few kilmer movies i have seen did in fact suck [email protected] i liked it. not a oscar winner but hey, it looks like kilmer and jackson can do more after this movie.

Maciek P (ru) wrote: I've been expecting much more. Imagined that the movie itself would be more touching.. story a bit unrealistic. After reading the book, I'm a little disappointed. Still... it's cute...

Kari K (jp) wrote: This movie pretty much has no plot.

Mark S (br) wrote: A nice thriller horror, but plays off of too little with a main cast of only 3 people one of which has to be the unstable, emotional wreck. Throughout the movie he was played very well but that is all that's commendable.

Josh R (us) wrote: It's not a bad introduction to one of the OTs greatest prophets and the context of God's prophecies against Israel's blatant sin and continual un-repentance.But missing from the film is the Christological element to Jeremiah's prophecies. God wants His people to turn from sin because He loves them; he uses Israel's unfaithfulness to pain the picture of the Saviour who will make the perfect sacrifice for them and all of mankind.Also, Dempsey make no effort to perform his role with a Middle East accent, which pulls one a bit out of the story.

Papito G (kr) wrote: Ganter shit Fresh 2 Death

Michael N (ru) wrote: Richard Harris was a great actor back in the 70s and this film showcases his talent as a lead actor. Hollywood is remaking this film with Leonardo DiCaprio entitled "The Relevant," with acclaimed Mexican director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu (Birdman). If you get a chance, check out the original.

The C (nl) wrote: It is what you think it is... but, that doesn't take away from an impressive cast. I was astounded by the amount of talented faces that kept popping up on screen, which was honestly half the fun. Pretty run of the mill little low-budget actioner that tries it's best to have a heart at the same time. This may be Vince Vaughn's attempt at doing a popular middle-aged leading male move these days, such as Leslie Neeson's Taken, Pierce Bronson's The November Man, Sean Penn's The Gunman, Arnold Schwarzenegger's The Last Stand, Kevin Costner's 3 Days to Kill (which oddly enough starred the same actress as his daughter!!??), ETC. OK, I digress! This one was better than 3 of the ones I just mentioned. Hailee Steinfeld is a really good actor, that has the potential to become one of the greats one day. It was fun, but it just came on my TV one day... so without planning for it and going in with no expectations I think it's an enjoyable couple hours for a one-time viewing.

Vincent A (ag) wrote: Beautiful and inspiring.