Werner - Das muss kesseln!!!

Werner - Das muss kesseln!!!

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Werner - Das muss kesseln!!! torrent reviews

Bryan D (ag) wrote: Not as bad, I thought, as critics make it out to be but also not a great return to form for John Carpenter either.

Kristine H (jp) wrote: long, wierd, terrible, and of no consequence. don't waste your time.

Scott W (mx) wrote: the plot line is just terrible

Jason H (br) wrote: While this movie has its virtues (sets, costumes, cars, planes, Julie Andrews), it's absolutely ridiculous. First and foremost - the plot and the lead character (specifically, that the ending would be so happy considering the circumstances!) I am rating it based on the long version that airs on AMC, not the shorter Director's cut - which sounds like an oxymoron. Supposedly, the behind the scenes stories are legendary and the real life "results" (flop) of the flick greatly influenced S.O.B.

WK J (ca) wrote: ahhh...Yul; stand over there and look pensive.

Matt H (it) wrote: Surprised by how much I enjoyed this one. A very sexy movie (and musical) for the mid '50s. Cyd Charisse was very beautiful, and it helped that the script was based on Ninotchka. Astaire is solid as usual, but it's Charisse who really shines in this.

Navendu M (us) wrote: Basil Rathbone acted well but Jeremy Brett is the best Holmes

Bill B (au) wrote: The score reflects the MST3K version, as I imagine watching this one on its own merits would be simply hellish.You know if you're into this kind of thing, so proceed accordingly.

Leisha C (fr) wrote: Interesting story, that I knew nothing about until someone suggested I check this film out. Loved the way real footage of 'Pre' running was combined with Leto's Pre. I would've thought perhaps a little more time may have been spent on Munich, but obviously that was just a side note to the larger story of Pre. All in all, I Really enjoyed the film. Very interested to see how the story is portrayed in 'Without Limits'

bill s (jp) wrote: Just another in the long list of forgettable generic action movies from JCVD.

Steph H (ca) wrote: Always loved this movie and always will ??????????????????