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Werner - Eiskalt!

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Karsh D (nl) wrote: About as poor a vampire film you could wish to find, apart from twilight of course.

Ksu K (ru) wrote: It was the chemistry btw the actors and the atmosphere of the movie to make me concentrate to watch this movie. Some conflicts humors around the art, science, and so on are smoothly dissolved in the movie. Very languorous through out the whole running time, but the atmosphere seem to be natural to say what the movie intent to tell.

Anne F (mx) wrote: An interesting documentary about celebrity culture, the search for fame, media misinformation and manipulation. The film was a little disjointed but the various parts were worth seeing even if they didn't fit together properly.

Steve O (nl) wrote: Surprisingly decent flick

Sean J (ag) wrote: What this movie got right: - Casting Ogre (of Skinny Puppy) and Bill Mosely (of Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2) and suprisingly Paris Hilton as three spoiled offsprings of one of the main villians. They were all superb. - The basic storyline was very interesting. - Some of the set design was eye catching. - Costumes were done with a nice flair. The Repo Man suit was amazing. Things that this film unfortunately got wrong: - The music. I'm sorry, this is a rock opera. The music is the most important character and it just never stood out for me. No songs were left stuck in my head and there were never any hooks to latch on to. And would it hurt to just occasionally rhyme? Just once in awhile? For me, most of the music just sounded like Evanescance/modern goth which just doesn't pull any emotional weight with me. - The movie seemed to want to be Sweeney Todd when it should have been going for Rocky Horror. The parts that stuck with me were when things really went over the top like the reposessing of organs or when the siblings act out all of their disfunctions. The rest of the flick tried to be serious and felt very disjointed. - The comic book panel cut away scenes that were used for delivering back stories. This was fine at the beginning of the movie but quickly became a crutch when they couldn't figure out how to tell the character's stories in a timely fashion. Kept taking me out of the story and was too jarring. Also reminded me too much of Tank Girl which isn't necessarily a good thing. - A third act that was anti-climatic. - I just don't care about 17 yr. old emo/goth girls even if they do live a cool post-apocalyptic type world. - Some really cheap looking CGI environments that look about 5 years past their prime. - An all in all very muddled and confused storytelling process. This movie just never felt like it knew what it wanted to be. I'm all about pushing boundries in cinema, but it helps if the director knows exactly what they want out of a film other than just trying to mash a bunch of different genres together. With that being said, I did really enjoy parts of this film. It just made me want to see what could have been done with it in the hands of a truly gifted director. I guess I shouldn't be suprised as this was the same director who did Saw II, III, and IV and none of those movies have ever done anything for me.

Ethan P (ca) wrote: Although the beginning of the movie is slow and dull, the pace gradually builds to an intense and passionate finish when the passengers reclaim the plane. The acting is competent and realistic, but nothing amazing until the final few minutes.

Bradley K (au) wrote: Though I love Cuaron, I feel that this is a better film than Devil Backbone. It's ambiguity is carried longer and in turn propels the tension. The finale is truly terrifying both conceptually and artistically.

Anthony K (gb) wrote: Potentially the most perfectly shot, acted, directed, and written film of all time.

Sheridan P (au) wrote: 2nd best time travel comedy I ever did see

Richard S (nl) wrote: Very good thriller which covered a period of history i knew very little about, well worth watching

Doug C (br) wrote: This movie is one of the holiday picks that don't get much attention, but really needs to. Drew Barrymore should probably avoid singing ever again, but what can you expect when she is the executive producer?

Eric B (au) wrote: Excellent! What the throat singers can do with their voices is amazing. It sounds like they're whistling, but have their mouths wide open and are singing another note at the sabe time. I would think that anyone who appreciates world music, or any music, would enjoy this.

Mattias E (fr) wrote: The Dardenne bothers' first feature film has a lot less documentary feel to it than their subsequent offerings. The camera keeps it's distance and the acting is a bit more self-conscious than we're used to. But the story is ever so engaging, brimful of social pathos. There's a nice sense of continuity in the Dardenne brothers' production, not only due to the thematic similarities, but also because of their concistency in using the same set of actors. You watch them grow with each new offering. In this case it's a very young Jeremie Renier and the monumental Olivier Gourmet who do the honours.

Ray C (au) wrote: Great combination, Forrest Whittaker is fantastic in this.

Sergio D (ru) wrote: Best girl fight scene ever. A definite watch if you're a Ginger Rogers fan. Enough said.

David D (br) wrote: An original premise but somewhat dull action

Lee M (ru) wrote: Visually dazzling, finely acted investigation into such diverse matters as identity, sexuality, violence, power, and underground culture in late 1960s London.