Wesh Egram

Wesh Egram

Taha is a failure man, he is fired from all jobs he did suddenly he find himself working with dangerous gang and becomes the leader of it.

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Starrina B (au) wrote: looks like it going to be great! Alot of action.

Adrian F (fr) wrote: maybe one of the worst horror films of all time. it has all the horror movie cliches such as "i thought i heard something" or "i thought i saw something". these quotes are repeated from beginning to end. the acting was awful and very campy. the characters were extremely stupid and fell into every trap imaginable. i was expecting a gore fest, but there is literally no blood in this film, when someone is about to die the camera cuts out and you never see what happens to them. except for one person, a small slash in the stomach, that wasn't bleeding. but thats it. a really bad horror movie that you should definitely skip.

Natalie O (us) wrote: I have nothing negative to say about this film; in fact, I love it! It's enthralling and it is acted brilliantly. It touched my heart and made me laugh. There's something about Leila's innocent view of love and life that is just captivating! I really would recommend this film!

Ariel R (kr) wrote: Oh Harrison. Not your best choice.

Jamal K (ru) wrote: Its My Favourtite2nd Action Film....

Vanessa B (us) wrote: Malgr une thmatique devenue commune au cinma - et aussi dans la vie - l'adultre," Cosa voglio di pi" ("Ce que je veux de plus") aborde le sujet directement mais vite certains clichs. Les personnages sont plutt justes et mme attachants cause mais aussi grce leurs faiblesses. Ct jeu, rien dire, on croirait presque que les personnages films sont vrais et leur histoire est celle de nombreux adultes aujourd'hui finalement ! Le scnario est simple mais fonctionne mme si on dplore un peu que la rencontre des deux amants soient assez peu soigne. Les choses vont trs vite et on se demande bien comment cette Anna et ce Domenico, ces personnes si ordinaires, aux vies personnelles et professionnelles si "rassurantes" et si traces, se retrouvent plongs dans les affres de la passion si subitement, et on cherche en nous une rponse. "Ce que je veux de plus" filme des personnages fictifs comme on pourrait en croiser tous les jours mais souffre hlas de certaines longueurs sur la fin. Une fin qui tombe finalement comme un couperet, sans pilogue. Un peu dconcertant...

Bill M (es) wrote: Goes into Bergman's unfathomable horror territory, but in modern America. Where is God?

Nicolas G (jp) wrote: Un film sketches ingal, mais haute saveur originale. Le rsultat trange et sympathique de l'audace d'un producteur, Roger Frappier, qui tend la main des artistes qui se dmarquent dj, les Andr Turpin, Denis Villeneuve et Cie.

Randall T (ru) wrote: It's a great, faithful adaptation of a wonderful novel. I don't think that the movie consistently retained the satirical theme of the book- it's mostly played as a straight drama, so it was a little weird to see the almost slapsticky white supremacist characters sharing screen space with the glum Campbell.Arkin and Goodman inject life into the film, though, and there are some really great scenes here. The last third of this movie is really close to note perfect. See it if you liked the book, or other dark satires like Dr. Strangelove.

Pablo G (ru) wrote: Beautiful in its own bizzarre way, Breaking the waves is a daring and honestly fairly revolutionary tale and a groundbreaking moment in cinema as one of Lars Von Triers earliest artistic efforts with its own equally revolutionary take on cinema. The movies style is both gripping and at times too personal, and it is all topped off by great acting and a great script that is not afraid to go into weird and somewhat taboo territory, making it a refreshing film to watch and experience and the beggining of Von Triers trademark style and storytelling.

brain m (au) wrote: This movie does a good job of combining a few different types of horror: the haunted house, time slip, displacement from society, murderous family... While these are familiar motifs, the combination gives us a relatively unique story.Atmosphere and tension are well maintained, with only a few incidents where effects detracted. The casting is solid; kudos for not making this some hot Yong supermodel. I wrote enjoyed that some of the correlations evolved over the course of the film, and also that the film didn't hand out all the answers... Good horror should leave you trying to put together the pieces, IMO.Is have seen this in a theater, and not felt my time was wasted. If you have Hulu or Netflix, and like a good rainy day horror flick, pop yourself some popcorn and give this a go.

Aleksandar C (fr) wrote: Deserve more than 82%, masterpice movie.