West of Brooklyn

West of Brooklyn

West of Brooklyn takes us on a heartfelt and often humorous journey from Brooklyn, New York to Hollywood, California. "Sebi" is a young Italian American man, a simple street kid and a secret beat poet, who after the death of his mother escapes Brooklyn to join his crew of friends who recently relocated to L.A. These colorful characters from New York are truly fish out of water in L.A. and Sebi longs to find a place he can feel at home. Sebi's friends, a beautiful rich girl from Beverly Hills named "Matty", and his idol, a famous Bronx poet named "Gaetano D'Amico" bring Sebi face to face with his identity and help him find the courage to be exactly who he was all along. Written by Ronnie Marmo

West of Brooklyn takes us on a heartfelt and often humorous journey from Brooklyn, New York to Hollywood, California. "Sebi" is a young Italian American man, a simple street kid and a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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