As the Civil War spills our nation’s blood, Capt. John Hayes (Randolph Scott) fights on a vital but little-known battlefront. He aims to ship gold to Union banks through a small Colorado town, defying Southern sympathizers who aim to stop him. At any cost. As chiseled and bone-lean as its star, Westbound is the sixth of seven Westerns Scott made with director Budd Boetticher, films that – along with the James Stewart-Anthony Mann Westerns – helped remake the genre in the 50s, substituting grit and veracity for white-hat heroics.

In 1864 Capt. John Hayes goes to Colorado to take over the stagecoach line and keep the flow of Western gold flowing and help the North win the Civil War. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ethan M (it) wrote: Thanks to a sick blend of violence, comedy, and smart storytelling, DC knocks it out of the park. And all within an hour and fourteen minutes. If you love DC, check it out, you will not be disappointed.

Dane P (us) wrote: A way better collection of shorts than the first. There was only 2 that I didn't like. (G and V) Other than that it seems that this one is more of a consistent quality. Some very creative entries and some really funny entries make for an extremely fun watch!

Matthew A (br) wrote: I am very glad I hunted this down after being let down by The Combination. Cedar Boys draws you in and takes you where it wants to. The quality Australian film of the year alongside The Last Ride.

Richard T (ca) wrote: Meh. Too many people, too much happened - felt incomplete.

Des S (de) wrote: This was horrible! It wasn't much of a scary movie. It was more of a drama.. You barely saw the squid and when you did see it, it was only an arm and it looked so fake. The only time you saw the head was one second at the end. It was disappointing.

Jose G (it) wrote: have not seen it yet, but it doesn't look that bad.

Lori F (kr) wrote: Da Buckless Yooper! Love It:) You either get it or u don't with this movie, it encompasses the magic of hunting and what a serious tradition it is within some families.

Jonny Jeremias S (ag) wrote: Mercury Rising"Mercury Rising" is a movie based on a outstandingly good book "Simple Simon". Though I can't remember the name of the author, I can tell you this, promise you this; I will remember this movie. That actually says a lot, seeing my memory, both long and short term, are worse than the ones of a goldfish. The acting was nothing less than spectacular. Bruce Willis did, as always, a good job playing FBI-agent Art, while the kid who played Simon did a job so amazingly brilliant it cannot be described. The acting from this little kid was on such a high level that I almost started to wonder if he actually were autistic and didn't just play a role. One word: Amazing!I liked the music very much. It changed well in sync with the mood of the characters, the happenings around them and what actions they would make. So, I would say that the music gives the final score a boost in the right direction.The movie, meaning the content of the movie was good. There wasn't much direct action in it, but it didn't need much action to be as awesome as it is. There were on the other hand both loads of drama and indirect action. There was also a bit of mystery stuffed into the movie, mystery around the characters and their next actions.The entire story of Art is *blank*. I don't know what to fill in the blank spot with. It's so psychologically deep and so emotionally filled with sadness. You add the sub-stories, the ones of Leo and Dean, Tommy and last, but certainly not least, Simon, you get a story so filled with so much of everything it's impossible to describe.So, as you can imagine my overall opinion about this movie is pretty positive. I think I'll just end it here leaving my star-rating while recommending you to watch this movie. it will bring a tear to your eye if you watch it, and it will bring a tear to mine if you don't.Star Rating: 8/10 Thanks for reading my review. I hope it was helpful to you. Feel free to rate, comment and give me feedback and your opinion on both the movie and my review of it. - J.J. Shevy

C H (ag) wrote: No recomendo que ningum perca tempo assistindo a isso. Mas pros fs do Cripin Glover algo imperdvel. Ele est fantstico nesse filme.

Matt M (ag) wrote: Though it has a certain charm and style of better Almodvar films, it certainly lacks substance and energy.

Sebastian P (ru) wrote: Una gran pelcula, bastante conmovedora al principio y bastante divertida y entretenida el resto de la pelcula.

jay n (de) wrote: Silly but cute romantic comedy. Sandra and Bobby are adorable together and Micheline Presle adds a lovely touch of continental class as her mother.

Hillary M (fr) wrote: Strangs story... but I can't get enough Lucy! James Mason is good in this.

Mrjoejoes M (es) wrote: Great movie. The atmosphere is the biggest + of this movie for me. The music and sounds are good and the story is great too. What may be a - for most people is that the movie is not that long and has not that much action going on except in the end, but for me it doesnt need that much action. Because I really like to see how those people live in that underground city, all starts to decay and loose function, the food gets less and they try to keep all alive. The main actors are young, but do a really good job in this movie. So overall, if you want a quite short movie with an interesting story,good actors and great atmosphere go ahead and give city of ember a try! :)

Loring P (br) wrote: Multifaceted look at the Black American experience. Movie tries to do a bit too much plotwise, though - reality series, love stories, newspaper article. Plus there's all the stylization, the purpose of which was sometimes unclear.

Sebastian D (au) wrote: There is no American dream in America for some people, is there any?

Heather M (us) wrote: I will not be watching this one.

Grant S (us) wrote: Good adaptation of the famous Broadway musical. Music is great and dialogue is often very witty. Plot is a bit long-winded though. Good performances all round, especially by Topol as Tevye.