The mysterious death of an enigmatic young man newly arrived in the suburb of Wetherby releases the long-repressed, dark passions of some of its residents.

One evening, middle-aged schoolteacher Jean Travers, who has never married, invites her friends for a dinner party and ends up with befriending with a mysterious young man. The next morning, the young man returns to see her and suddenly kills himself while waiting for tea. From that moment, Jean's life begins to turn up-side-down while her past is gradually revealed. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Katherine P (br) wrote: In this highly-produced saga of the American Indian (based on the novel by Dee Brown), the viewer is taken on a historical journey which explores the issue of identity and culture. Directed with stunning visuals and an attention to detail, Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee is an emotional and important watch. Though it is made-for-television, Simoneau is careful to include action sequences throughout and the message is one that young and old can understand. The cast is comprised of a dedicated blend of actors who add to the authenticity of the story. This is a must-see for those curious about history or simply in the mood for drama. A powerful docudrama that will resonate in our hearts.

owyn A (de) wrote: "Wake up, goddammit!"

Robert I (es) wrote: Not as good as the first one, but better than a Hannah Montana movie!

stefano l (mx) wrote: Ironic and psychotic, fresh and original. The usual Woody Allen's movie. My father didn't like it, I liked it, if not a lot, at least a bit. The usual Woody Allen's movie. Very nice actresses, some of the famous Allen's muses. Again, the usual Woody Allen's movie. 3.5 stars out of 5.

Kenny N (it) wrote: "17 year old girl befriends 49 year old man." That synopsis probably has you going "Uh oh, 'Lolita' Alert," but thankfully, the movie doesn't go there. It is offbeat, refreshing, funny, sad, and altogether wonderful. Sure, it gets a little sappy in the end, but it's a GOOD kind of sappy, the kind that makes you feel better about yourself and makes you want to call your parents. In other words, this is about real emotions, not Hallmark sentimentality. Teens and middle aged men who feel alone in the world should both seek out this movie, because it's a delightful little treasure.

Tracie P (fr) wrote: I feel like this was a good movie, but only if you know a lot about Czech culture and history (which I don't).

Martin B (ca) wrote: This is one funny movie.

Veronique K (ru) wrote: if you're interested in real life "interactive drama" on arthurian tales, you might be interested in this picture. interactive drama is the forefather of on-line video game. and its even earlier form is table-game. arthurian interactive drama is about a bunch of people who wanna impersonate the characters in arthurian legend, follow the basic rules and characteristics of their roles then immerse themselves in that fictional lifestyle. pretty much like war of warcraft put into reality-play. now this movie is about interactive drama lifestyle blended with motorcycle gang. the puritanical version of hell angels because the leader of the gang insists his crew live by the moral codes of arthur. and in the dialogues, they even bring out marlon brando's "the wild one" (narcissitic self-beautification also for the hell's angels in that hunter thompson's documentary book)... knightriders is kinda experimentally shot and only those who play interactive drama would be interested in it. but frankly interative drama is an absurd idea for me, an escapism, and i cannot help but feel ridiculous when i see those people dress in cheap-materialed costumes and live in a virtual world which really looks too fake to take it seriously. and i also feel strange about why that cult gives such an importance over that role-playing thing they do, and how they make a living? wouldn't that be boring to behave like that 24 hours a day? maybe that're just prejudices out of my criticial mind which demand high sense of realism. it's just like someone weeps over the death of his on-line game character...you feel like to laugh but he's so upset that you try to dissolve your contempt and lessen it into apathy.

kay (nl) wrote: I loved this movie! I watched the previews and thought it would be just another dumb movie with no good storylines. But this is really funny!