What Fault Is It of Ours?

What Fault Is It of Ours?

Seven people in a therapy group are forced to find new ways of coping with their problems when their therapist dies in the middle of a session.

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What Fault Is It of Ours? torrent reviews

Serge L (de) wrote: Really great animation, with technical bent, beautiful at times. Interesting take of the aeronautical engineer that conceives the Zero plane, famous for its attack of the USA. We have here the viewpoint of the nice guy not thinking too much of the consequences. Being too strong can tempt to use the strenght and bring more trouble than affordable. The story stays on the nice side of things throughout and much of it is populated by dreams. This is a bit like whitewashing the war makers and bombers. That would be the lesson.

Saurabh G (kr) wrote: Feel-good sugary treatment and earnest acting make this a good watch!

Rolf E (mx) wrote: Den er smmorsom, men jevnt over kjedelig... Liker Kill Buljo mye bedre!

Jared E (de) wrote: Worth seeing. Hemp is not marijuana. I think people should start realizing that.

Gregory S (gb) wrote: What a piece of crap

Selka K (au) wrote: Weak! Dorff's kinda cute, and kinda believable, and they have some plausible chemistry, but put it all together into this movie and it's flimsy, choppy, and irritating. Not Susan's best moment.

Tommy H (es) wrote: Spooky alien abduction story. The movie surprisingly has no humor or action which is rare for the genre. I like how a main focus of the story is on if something extraordinary happened to you and you told people about it it could ruin your ordinary life. It's an interesting theme in many movies, having some unbelievable knowledge that no one believes. What the aliens do to us in this movie is pretty much what we do to animals, so if technologically advanced aliens do exist I would imagine they'd want to put you in a cage and experiment on you.

Private U (ru) wrote: Definately not the best movie ever made. I saw it on the shelves, and was like, "ooh, 30's!", so I rented it. Waste of time. When the best actor in a movie is the butler, something is dreadfully wrong. I also couldn't get over the fact that one of the main characters (Robin) looked so much like Michael Jackson. Adorable story, but wayyyyyy over done.

John A (ca) wrote: Jackie Chan (Credited As Jacky Chan), Made This While On Contract With Lo Wei In 1978. Spiritual Kung Fu Is A Martial Arts Comedy. A Troublesome Student (Chan) Is Visited By Ghosts Who Teach Him How To Become A Martial Artist. This May Be A Terrible Film But Gives Viewers A Chance To See Chan In His Formative Years.

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Benjamin H (nl) wrote: Things begin as funny, take a deep dive into the shocking and uncomfortable, then settle somewhere around depressingly humorous. It was certainly something.