What Happened Was...

What Happened Was...

Jackie and Michael are coworkers at a large law firm, who decide to meet at Jackie's for dinner one night.

This darkly humorous film explores the personal psychic landscape of two lonely New Yorkers. Jackie and Michael are coworkers at a large law firm, who decide to meet at Jackie's for dinner ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Leonardo Malacay S (mx) wrote: Era acaso una loca? es lo nico que podemos pensar al ver esta pelcula....

Raiffe G (ru) wrote: Great film. One of my favourites.

Amanda W (ru) wrote: Different/A Lot Of Violence/Freaky/Kinda Boring/Not Bad/Didn't Really Like...

Boogie B (us) wrote: A christmas movie the family and I enjoy watching every year.

Sarfara A (kr) wrote: Although enjoyed it to the limit, but it failed to let the plot boil up to seek the suspense at the end of the film.

Marianne W (us) wrote: The movie that started to all.

Michael W (kr) wrote: Ex-Navy officer charters a vessel in order to retrieve a fortune left behind on a Cuban island during the Castro takeover. A premise of greed that never seems to capture interest or live up to potential. Not really worth seeking out or rewatching.

Timothy A (nl) wrote: The kind of film that's so poorly put together it defies parody. It's actually hard to decide what it's a worse example of, the inappropriate use of music, terminal illness as deux ex machina in the last ten minutes, or just for the nonsensical plotting that suggests the typical woman is a bad week away from becoming a hooker.

Bill T (gb) wrote: I keep hearing stories about people "moving in" to homes via secret rooms etc. Well, what if the original tenants didn't leave? And further more, what if that tenant was accused of murder? Hahaha! This is the premise of this nifty little 70's thriller about a social outcast living with (of course) a controlling mother. After he accidentally kills someone (and buries her... not the smartest thing to do) his Mom, none to wise either, decides the best thing to do is to hide him in a false room in the house. Soon after, Mom dies in the hospital, leaving Ronald all alone. That is, until the next tenants move in. Completely wonderful premise, delivered by great acting, and a somewhat cheesy 70s feel to it. Comes highly reccomended by me!

Sean N (de) wrote: Spanish horror has the unfortunate consistency of absolutely getting boring mid-film. At least this somewhat makes up for it by having zombies

Indira S (ca) wrote: a super simple story line yet the dancing and score were quite epic. it certainly is an entertaining feeling good movie. well done :)

Dave W (de) wrote: Better than average Christmas movie - a retelling of a classic, and very much in the 80's yet not totally dated. Some of the special effects are still pretty convincing, and each of the ghosts has a unique personality that matches their intended shade of nostalgia. Bill Murray is good and shares chemistry with each of the actors he shares time with. The score is also well done.

Greg W (nl) wrote: As infamous serial murderer John Reginald Christie, Richard Attenborough is just exaggerated enough to remain credible.