What If God Were the Sun?

What If God Were the Sun?

A grieving nurse finds comfort and inspiration in her new assignment, where she meets a terminally ill woman with a quick with and strong faith.

A grieving nurse finds comfort and inspiration in her new assignment, where she meets a terminally ill woman with a quick wit and strong faith. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David S (gb) wrote: This is thoughtful, provocative, layered film. Is Afghan culture repressive and ugly? Yes. Is the burga a symbol of women's repression? Probably--but what do we make of the fact that this Afghan girl, so innocent, so excited about becoming married to a boy she loves, wants more than anything else a burqa to wear on her wedding night in order to appear mysterious, alluring, and sexy? In the bedroom on her wedding night, is the burqa still a symbol of oppression?The Westerners in the movie voice the typical attitudes about how primitive Afghan culture is. They have come to make a movie about the people of Afghanistan, and while making it they try to "uplift" the locals in little ways. Yet when they drive away, they do not leave the place better off. Their good intentions backfire.But mostly the film is about the terrible effects of Afghan culture, its proneness to violence, its hatred of foreigners, and especially its horrific treatment of women. The ending leaves you on the verge of tears and shaking your fist at Afghan men.

Spencer H (fr) wrote: If I Stay was a boring, watered-down romance with a pretty dumb ending, Chloe Moretz has a bright future ahead because she's great in the movie. The movie had a few good moments, but that's all it had, moments.

Ryan W (gb) wrote: Not that funny, the laughs were mild and I almost wanted to leave.

Kevin L (fr) wrote: Some well written characters with well written dialogue.

Grant S (ru) wrote: Common-or-garden creature-horror movie. Only worth watching because it includes a pre-fame Scarlett Johansson.Not original - reminds me a lot of Tremors (which itself wasn't that original). Pretty much standard creature-horror plot, action and CGI.Even the CGI, which you would think would be the best feature, seems a bit crude.As mentioned, worth watching because it includes Scarlett Johansson before she was famous. Her next movie was Lost in Translation...Kari Wuhrer is also eminently watchable. David Arquette proves yet again that his siblings got the acting genes, while his talents clearly must lie elsewhere.

Wella D (mx) wrote: nice movie i like it

Mara B (nl) wrote: Sweet, romantic comedy that really has you rooting for Henry and Pike to get together. Beautiful scenery and sets (I'd love to live in a house like the grandfather's!) are a plus. The fact that all of the townsfolk are rallying around these two men give the movie a warm, fuzzy, almost fantasy-like quality. I just don't believe EVERYONE in such a remote area would be so tolerant. One gripe: Why, in movies, when they want to portray people as being "country" and "hick" do they give the characters Southern accents, no matter what part of the country they're from? I'm pretty sure people who were born and raised in Northern Montana don't talk that way. lol

Steve D (it) wrote: Everything that Cinderella story wasn??t. It changed the time of Cinderella and made a strong movie with a wonderful cast.

Barry L (nl) wrote: Urban drama about the life of a teen growing up in modern day Compton. It's got some moments but it's doesn't push the envelope enough to be anything special.

Gavin H (kr) wrote: Amazing a revoulutionary movie loved it.

Nik M (es) wrote: A film that pulls you in several directions and yet doesn't give you a solid solution. It sounds shorthanded, but it isn't. It's actually quite effective considering how the film plays out its socio-political grounds and extreme racism. No character is faultless and the people as a whole are encouraged to find a middle ground of casting aside difference for the sake of existence.

Tim S (ag) wrote: Scream Blacula Scream is the sequel to the successful Blacula. William Marshall returns to the role and he is now joined by blaxploitation mega-star Pam Grier. Truth be told, neither the first film nor its sequel are particularly good movies. They're very much a part of the blaxploitation explosion that happened in the 1970's, but with a nice performance from their leading man. They're not much beyond that. Having said that, the sequel is actually slightly inferior to its predecessor. The story this time around seems like a typical sequel to me. The first film was about a black vampire in a white man's world. The sequel is about a black vampire taking over the black man's world. It just doesn't feel true to what the character and the idea behind blaxploitation was supposed to be. Yet, it feels like a typical sequel because there's only so much you can do with the original intention without going completely overboard with it. Still, these are fun movies and worth at least a watch, especially if you're a fan of movies that are so bad that they're good.

Daniel W (au) wrote: A twisted friendship tailor made for the hipster college student types.

Petros T (us) wrote: A solid and surprisingly timeless take on unions and the struggle between management and workers, "I'm All Right Jack" is funny enough and very meaningful. Peter Sellers steals the show as always.