What Just Happened

What Just Happened

During the course of an ordinary week in Hollywood, movie producer Ben (Robert De Niro) must navigate his way through shark-infested waters as he struggles to complete his latest projects. A demanding studio boss (Catherine Keener) demands extensive changes to a movie starring Sean Penn, while another chief won't greenlight a project unless star Bruce Willis shaves his beard. Meanwhile, Ben tries to reconcile with his wife and maintain a relationship with his young daughter.

Two weeks in the life of a fading Hollywood producer who's having a rough time trying to get his new picture made. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Garrett G (us) wrote: This movie was a good start for a trilogy, and the way they incorporated important parts of the series was clever. Making the Animus a moving arm helps to jump from the memory to live. Having Templars surrounding the Animus as a chair or table would be boring and awkward. Looking forward to see what will happen.

Silver Screen S (au) wrote: Storks is incredibly entertaining, and very funny. Junior is simultaneously an incredibly interesting character and a very shallow one- much like the others in the cast.

Tyler I (de) wrote: i really liked this movie when i saw it on my kindle, then i found it here

Chantell F (ca) wrote: THIS SUCKED HARDCORE! I never even finished the dumb thing.

Mike S (kr) wrote: Classic movie, it will always be a classic. Only reason it doesn't get past 3 stars is because I thought Vaughn was way too passive, and this should have been the one movie to go bananas in. He really disappointed me here. Ben Stiller really made the movie come full circle.

Nicole T (au) wrote: It had its funny moments and was cheesy just like any other romantic comedy. I've seen better but overall pretty good.

Stacy W (fr) wrote: Two people, great conversation, and I fell in love with Jean Reno.

ScubaSteve Walter M (br) wrote: Odd professions is always a good topic for any film and it always captures my interests. Croupier got a hold of me right from the start. Styled like a noir, man, it just keeps getting better. The hidden plot makes the ending twist quite funny and amusing. Though aside from that, there are a lot of scenes that makes the the story obscure and most of these scenes makes a lot of questions unanswered. Like was Marion really hitted by a car or Bella killed her. And why is Bella with Jack in the end? It's mind-bending but hey, that's what makes a good story, don't tell all they need to know, make them thiink. Croupier is a unique noir as it takes on the genre to the games of gamblers.

Ryan V (br) wrote: Interesting conversation based movie about relationships and sexuality. It never quite goes beyond the superficial, but it's still an ok film.

Austin W (es) wrote: What a horrible movie. Peter Griffin was right with his review. This movie was just so full of its self. It has flat acting and a tearfully slow plot. It took forever to move and when it did I didn't even want to watch it any more. This film was a true chore to watch. What a bore, really a 98% come on should be a 2%

Trevor L (fr) wrote: It was ok. Mickey Rourke used to be handsome.

Ryne H (br) wrote: Yeah, Sean Penn and Christopher Walken had shitty hair jobs that remind me only of Ben Stiller and Jon Voight in ZOOLANDER. But they are a hell of a lot more convincing.

Gregg T (us) wrote: sequence with Grandmaster Flash bumps this up from what i was originally going to rate it... check it out

steven p (it) wrote: I eat it before I beat it.

Mark B (de) wrote: Like too many of Mazursky's films, Harry & Tonto is update of better films, in this case of De Sica's Umberto D, in this case, an old man with cat who has lost his place to live. Not a bad film, but one tied too closely to it's time. Mazursky's gifts as a writer and director are the ability to finely limn the au courant relationships of his time and place, but he misses creating art because sentimentality wins out all too often.

Really S (ru) wrote: One of my favorite movies

Arlene M (ca) wrote: It's okay and but I feel like I've seen this film before. I am impressed with production design and capturing the 50's; still, this film didn't capture my interests.