What Scoundrels Men Are!

What Scoundrels Men Are!

Bruno, a chauffeur having some problem in keeping a job, meets one morning Mariuccia, a taxi driver’s daughter working as a perfumery’s shop assistant, and trying to impress her, pretending to be rich, uses his employer’s car to took her on a trip to the lakes, but things don’t work as planned and to conquer Mariuccia’s hearth won’t be so easy…

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Tom H (au) wrote: 25.10.2010,23.03.2017

Mohammed A (br) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Dustin M (jp) wrote: Billy "the Lame" Zane once again takes control of this B horror. Not worth the rental or your time.

Jennifer R (es) wrote: Hilarious lesbian romp. Probably the most iconic movie in the LGBT genre

Petra S (ag) wrote: ihan jees, vaikken oikein tykkkn Auteulin naamasta.

Anthony H (es) wrote: A classic. #Spaceballs

Michael W (fr) wrote: Disenfranchised Vietnam vet runs afoul of local yahoos and law enforcement in smalltown Alabama. A theme that would later be perfected in FIRST BLOOD. Most memorable is unintentionally funny off-road biking bonding montage between Benedict and Blair.

Alex K (mx) wrote: My Favorite Film Is 1941's Citizen Kane.

Andr D (gb) wrote: Basada en un hecho real, "Alpha Dog" pudo haber sido un nuevo "Blow", pero en realidad es una cinta ms larga de lo que debi haber sido, algo caracterstico en los trabajos del director Nick Cassavetes que an le queda mucho para llegarle a los pies a su padre. Sin embargo, Justin Timberlake nos ofrece una actuacin que hay que ver para creer: El ex-dolo juvenil tiene futuro.

Anti R (fr) wrote: An hour of jokes about black people, wacky Indians, mocking the mentally disabled and making a joke out of Hitler, and by process, spitting on the memory of the millions of deported Jews. Just a series of racist jokes, Mel Brooks should be ashamed of his actions.The "acting" makes me want to vomit my supper. So inherently unfunny you'll laugh just for not laughing.

Elisa E (au) wrote: Always a good Classic.

Sandy K (ca) wrote: Richard Gere plays a man who is essentially a happy man with a good life, but who secretly starts taking ballroom dancing lessons to energize his life, increasingly guilty at hiding this from his wife (Susan Sarandon). Stanley Tucci is a comedic scene-stealer as a co-worker who has been trying to keep his passion for flamboyant dancing a secret. (An American remake of the Japanese movie by the same title.)

Private U (gb) wrote: this film basically proves that burgess meredith was a lot sexier than fred astaire and that in real life paulette goddard made the right decision (unlike in the movie) hehehe. ~angela