What the Eye Doesn't See

What the Eye Doesn't See

Through out six different and yet parallel stories that take place during the corrupted goverment during the 90s in Peru, Lombardi tells the moral decomposition that ran through all classes and generations of the peruvian society.

Through out six different and yet parallel stories that take place during the corrupted goverment during the 90s in Peru, Lombardi tells the moral decomposition that ran through all classes and generations of the peruvian society. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Christopher H (de) wrote: The relatively primitive animation suits the old fashioned story well and surprisingly absorbing.

xGary X (ru) wrote: A father who had his 7 year old daughter abducted roams the streets obsessively retracing his steps, consumed by guilt and self loathing. Sunshine and lollipops, Keane is not. It's an intense character study of a man whose life has been destroyed by a tragic event, leaving him a mentally ill piece of emotional wreckage, unable to cope with the memories of what has happened. Damian Lewis puts in an amazing performance, especially since the camera never leaves his side for the entire duration of the film and it's an extremely worthy and intelligent piece of film making. Enjoyable it is not, however. The experience is a little like that of Requiem For A Dream; the emotional time bomb was a bit like the anticipation of having a large plaster ripped off a particularly hairy area, or waiting in line at school for a painful injection. It's an extremely intense and creditable experiment that will probably make you a little less judgemental when seeing a "crazy person" on the street, but I sure as hell wouldn't take a date to go and see it...

Fabio V (ru) wrote: Did not really catch my attention, but overall it was a decent movie.

Dylan D (es) wrote: Much like Josh Baskin, Big may age in years but certainly not in spirit, the film as charismatic, thought-provoking, and touching today as it was the day it was released. A timeless tale of the meaninglessness of the passage of time and the importance of youthful exuberance, a gentle approach to life's most challenging problems and situations, and a healthy amount of fun along the way, Big represents cinema at its most magical. The film recalls the easier, more innocent years of childhood, but more importantly, conveys the message that the passage of time or the structure of the adult world need not blur or erase those child-like thought processes that can define the very essence of every individual that chooses to keep them at the forefront of their lives.

Mark N (ca) wrote: McCarthyesque scaremongering masquerading as sci-fi? A science fiction movie with virtually no science and precious little fiction it instead is a cheap shot at the evils of Nazi's and the Russians and how they threaten the average American and his way of life. This kind of propaganda has pervaded the minds of millions of people and amusingly the movie attempts to flip-flop the same dogma and shine a light back on itself. The movie is either the most pandering indictment of mass hysteria being used to control the masses or a searing jibe at it's use, wrapped up so snug that it cant be accused of doing exactly that.

Ray J (jp) wrote: My dear movie viewers, now this is a comedy. Hilarious and perfect timing for the jokes.

Thomas D (it) wrote: It took a while for the Bond films to get back into form, but Live and Let Die was a big leap forward toward the greatness that were the first 3 films. We had a new Bond in Roger Moore here, and a great one I may add. I never really bought into Lazenby as Bond in 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service', but it took a matter of minutes before I bought into Moore as 007. In many ways I think this film harkens back to Dr. No. It has the one villain focus, instead of the Spectre approach (which is good in its own right). But it also takes place on plenty of mysterious locations, very similar to Dr. No.While the plot doesn't have a global scale like almost every other Bond film does, Yaphet Kotto gives us a menacing turn as a drug lord who's killing ways are different than anything we have seen before in a Bond film. For me, it was a good change of pace from the Blofeld movies. Even though it's a much different story than the other films, Mr. Big was perhaps my favorite villain since Goldfinger, and most definitely the best overall film since then. I even found the smiling sidekick to be entertaining. I will say, I found it strange as to the drug lords obsession with using reptiles and amphibians to kill their enemies. First snakes, then crocodiles, and sharks?This film is famous for a few reasons, but it's theme song being near the top. It flows well with the themes of the actual film to go along with it's catchy hook. But I think some recognition should be given to Jane Seymour, who at 22 years of age, holds her own against Moore and Kotto. Not to mention the fact that she is still gorgeous to this day. Most of all, I think this film is more fun than the past few films. It's not as dry and far more realistic than previous entries. The action scenes aren't anything extraordinary and the few policeman sequences are just plain dumnb, but Live and Let Die is loads of fun.+Refreshing entry+Good and unique Bond villian+Seymour+Theme song-Kooky police officers-Not a ton of action7.3/10