What the Future Sounded Like

What the Future Sounded Like

From Dr Who to The Dark Side of the Moon to modern day dance music, the pioneering members of the Electronic Music Studios radically changed the sound-scape of the 20th Century. What the Future Sounded Like tells this fascinating story of British electronic music. What The Future Sounded Like mixes experimental visual and sonic techniques with animation and never-seen-since archival footage. A sonic and visual collage, this documentary colors in a lost chapter in music history, uncovering a group of composers and music engineers who harnessed technology and new ideas to re-imagine the boundaries of music and sound.

From Dr Who to The Dark Side of the Moon to modern day dance music, the pioneering members of the Electronic Music Studios radically changed the sound-scape of the 20th Century. What the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jeffrey A (us) wrote: Cool concept, decent movie

James M (gb) wrote: Just goes to show that low budget doesn't have to suck! This was cute.

Adam P (ca) wrote: Incredibly clever, very fun. Great coming-out story. Low budget but lotsa talent, very witty writing and some awesome acting at points.

Nelson x (es) wrote: This is a film that revolves around two mysteries (which I have now demystifed). First, did the film makers understand the concept of "parody" before using it to carpet bomb the audience throughout the film? "Parody" is when a reproduction attempts to mock, comment on, or pay homage through self-depreciating humour to, the original work. In other words, there should reasons to parody such work, and they should definitely be clever. I didn't see any of those in the film. I did see some awful 10 seconds jokes that fell flat within 2 seconds of delivery. Bryan Stoller probably went to Eric Roberts and said "hey, I was drunk last night, watching Survivors, and had this brain fart for a straight to DVD release. I want you on board without reading the script...because I plan to direct this film without one!" And herein lies the second mystery: Eric Robert's career. I use to think Eric Roberts had the career he had because he was unlucky. Now I realize it's because he is stupid (and therefore deserves the career that he had). After watching this movie, it is apparent that he would have been better off had he gone into contemporary mainstream adult films, which has higher budgets, more intense...scenes and roles, better acting and direction, more elaborate and compelling plotlines, and a much wider audience than this B-movie reject (C-movie?).

Michael R (fr) wrote: So I am watching this movie on HBO and it makes me realize how crappy the movies I have been watching in theaters lately are. The realism, the snappy dialogue, the truly excellent performances by DeNiro and Keaton and Jackson. Great film.

Theresa J (us) wrote: Great documentary about the government versus Branch Dividians.

Velmina C (ag) wrote: I love Steve Martin's movies (along with so many other actors) This one's a bit old but I'm sure I liked it... or did I even watch it?

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Film F (nl) wrote: All Star cast & a true classic...........

Jay L (it) wrote: "Clocker- A 24 hour street hustler". Director Spike Lee (He Got Game, Inside Man) collaborates with producer Martin Scorsese in this riveting and frequently intense urban crime thriller. Spike Lee's trademark visual stylization is prominent in nearly every scene which adds a certain emotional tension to it all. Clockers is an extremely gritty and violent look into black on black gun violence on the streets of New York. It's a stunning and suspenseful murder mystery that will thoroughly engage you the entire time. One of Spike Lee's best films. An ultra-violent, visually arresting and stunningly crafted mock documentary that deals with tough issues and sheds light on some intense subject matter. Inner-city drug and gun problems are prevalent, Clockers is a story based on a classic book that highlights one big fictional account of urban violence. Tense as hell, a murder mystery masterpiece that will keep you on the edge of your seat and your veins pumping with adrenaline for the full two hours. The acting is absolutely brilliant all around. An all-star cast was assembled including Mekhi Phifer in his acting debut, he is phenomenal in an emotionally tough as nails role. Delroy Lindo is brilliant in one of the most chilling and intimidating roles of his career. John Turturro and Harvey Kietel are great as well. A brilliantly made novel adaptation that works great on the big screen, another Spike Lee joint that will entertain and make you think.

Stella D (jp) wrote: robert ryan has one of his best roles here and it's entertaining in a debauched southern gothic way but it's way too long

Adam R (gb) wrote: Cute and funny. It's a pleasant family film. (First viewing - Teen years)