"Wheat," is a historical action drama about the women left behind when their men have gone off to war -- and the lies they are told to keep them from knowing the awful truth.

"Wheat," is a historical action drama about the women left behind when their men have gone off to war -- and the lies they are told to keep them from knowing the awful truth. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Di P (kr) wrote: The slums of Morrocco was neat to see, this movie was okay. okay enough to watch it until the end.

Tim S (us) wrote: Strange film, even for Cronenberg.

Aaron G (ru) wrote: A good late-night watch that's ahead of it's time. Had it been released 20 years later, the internet would have propelled it to international success.

Eduardo G (br) wrote: Complexo e ativo noir moderno, cheio de acontecimentos e reviravoltas. Todos os personagens vestem uma capa feita de mentiras, gerada pelas mas experiencias por eles vividas. Foley mostra grande expressividade nas sequencias e bastente sucinto na narracao. As atuacoes de Patrick, Ward e Dern, juntas aos dialogos dubios, sao competentes em fazer parecer que os personagens estao sempre ocultam seus reais interesses.

Danny R (ag) wrote: A homeless con artist is approached by two billionaire brothers who make a bet that they can take a privileged person (Aykroyd) and trade places with the poor Eddie Murphy and see who succeeds. This is comedy at its best.

Yash B (gb) wrote: It's actually a pretty good sequel. It doesn't live up to the original, but it gets pretty close. It continues the story in a somewhat believable way and I enjoyed watching it. The main thing about this movie that takes away from the experience is that it is super predictable. I knew how this movie was going to play out a few minutes in. There are some twists and turns but nothing that made me think there would be a different end result. It's a good sequel overall but it doesn't really have the same effect as the first. It's more or less the same type of movie but more predictable.

Iain S (au) wrote: Tried to pay attention, but was interrupted by rugby balls and dinner. Will try to see again

Frdric I (kr) wrote: Une vie a trois avec ton tres libertaire sur la liberation sexuelle, l'avortement, la famille, le couple, l'amour, le sexe,... Un Jean-pierre Leaud comme toujours magistral. Film un peu long (3H35) et tres bavard (des gens qui parlent dirait Hitchcock). Mais c'est interessant, alors... ok.

Mark D (ag) wrote: boring and predictable.

Bruno V (nl) wrote: A bit slower then the recent 007-movies but that doesn't mean worser ....and a couple of gorgious woman ! SOMDVD

Mithun G (us) wrote: I haven't come across so much bad cheese outside of Taco Bell.

Gregory G (gb) wrote: An Irish biographical drama about the Guilford Four; a group of four Irish civilians wrongly convicted by the British government of an IRA bombing that killed five people in a British pub in 1974. Based on a true story told in the book "Proved Innocent," Gerry Conlon (Daniel Day-Lewis) is arrested after the bombing and is forced to sign a false confession after being tortured during interrogation. His father Giuseppe (Pete Postelthwaite) is also charged as an accomplice and jailed. This is a powerful drama that resonates with great moral complexities at the ways in which an injustice can occur as the result of political pressure under the guise of security. Imprisoned together, the estranged relationship between the father and son is the center of the story. At first, Gerry is a petty thief who resents his father's overbearing nature but he gradually evolves into a crusader. There are inaccuracies that are problematic. Although the imprisonment of father and son together made the material more dramatic, in real-life they were separated. Its also a bit redundant to have another portrayal involving the British suppression of the Irish. Still, this is emotionally stirring material and the ending is effectively cathartic. Daniel Day-Lewis - speaking with a thick Irish brogue - gives a powerful performance with the dynamism of a young De Niro. Postlethwaite is quietly brilliant as he matches Day-Lewis. Written by Jim Sheridan and Terry George and directed by Sheridan. With Emma Thompson as the defense attorney who retries the case; John Lynch, Corin Redgrave, Beatie Edney, Tom Wilkinson.

Abhishek S (us) wrote: An ambitious spectacle. A visual delight.