A getaway driver for a bank robbery realizes he has been double crossed and races to find out who betrayed him.

A getaway driver is double-crossed during a bank robbery gone wrong. With a car full of money and his family on the line, the clock is ticking to find out who betrayed him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Movie K (fr) wrote: Not bad effort from director Stephen Fung. But just typical adventurous movie. Andy Lau is just release from prison after 3 years. He is a famous and capable thief. Jean Reno is the cop that caught him and he knows Andy will not just retire once out. Indeed, Andy is working with his disciple Tony Yang and new recruit Shu Qi to steal a necklace. This is the necklace that is valuable if combine with other 2 parts which is call GAIA. Andy was caught back then for stealing 1/3 of it. Eric Tsang is the sponsor and mentor of Andy. Andy want to know who betray him back then. Eric reveal his fiance Zhang Jingchu call the cops and the guy who knock him unconscious and steal the necklace has been hunted down and kill by him. Eric show the dead man's tongue which have a star tattoo. Andy want to get all of GAIA and retire for good. Shu Qi also join them. Jean find Zhang for more info on Andy. She hate him for been a thief. The last of GAIA is in the hands of a richman Sha Yi, who live in a castle and with top security system. Shu Qi pretend to be wine critic and smitten him for an interview so she can go into the castle and recce. He invite her to his birthday party. Tony work on the computer and Andy go in to steal. While dancing, Sha touch Shu and the fingerprint sensor capture his print. Jean manage to warn him about the robbery and she is held. Andy quickly steal the necklace and escape by bike. Tony abandon the rule of not saving fellow thief in danger and save Shu. Jean and Zhang goes after Andy and caught him. Zhang change of mind and save Andy. At the rendezvous point, Eric arrive and want the necklace for himself. Shu works for him too. Zhang is capture as hostage. The cops arrive and Andy ask Tony to escape. Andy makes a deal with Jean he will return GAIA but gotta release him for settlement of matters. At an old abandon building in Ukraine, Andy & Tony reach and trigger the proximity bomb. If GAIA is out of range 1km the bomb explode. Eric is selling to a European gangster. They manage to convince Shu that she will be dead as well once the deal is success. Andy hold her as hostage and Eric just shoot her immediately. The middleman of the deal has actually find Andy before to tell him secrets. The buyer of GAIA is the brother of the guy that steal the necklace from Andy 3 years ago and the one whom Eric cut off the tongue. In fact he is hire by Eric to steal from Andy. Both sides exchange fire. Shu wore bulletproof vest and she is angry Eric betray her. They are corner by him and force to handover the briefcase. When Eric open the briefcase and discover it is the bomb, he quickly ask the car stop. Then the 2nd car bang him and the proximity become more than 1km and it explode. They swap the GAIA and bomb while been cornered. Zhang and Andy kiss and make up. Tony try to kiss Shu but got a slap instead. Jean is happy to crack the case and Andy send him a pair of Chinese stress ball.

Conrad T (gb) wrote: Old time storyline that was used in many many Hollywood B listed movies. A listed for mainland Cina market.

Ben H (us) wrote: Seems rushed and disappointing remake...Andy Lau will never make it to international level