When a Man Falls

When a Man Falls

The intertwining lives of three men reveal that each deal with his problems in different, self-destructive ways

The intertwining lives of three men reveal that each deal with his problems in different, self-destructive ways . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Keith C (us) wrote: Ok, Twin Peaks was great, but enough is enough. Post Twin Peaks Lynch is a hack. We get it, David, hand held close up camcorder shots and camera filters that feel like a 90s after school special, or at best a high budget porno, is your signature film style. You're so surreal and edgy; too bad your movies are aesthetically repulsive and as boring as watching paint do paint shit.

Jill R (es) wrote: A great movie which delivers surprising only 55 percent this was great a great premise is it depressing yes but is it great hell yesAn underrated masterpiece of cinema with phenomenal performances a terrific gripping film Grade A+

Reidar K (de) wrote: "Microcosmos meets Twin Peaks" staar det paa coveret... Meget beskrivende:)

Alex S (us) wrote: This movie is horrible. When it tries to be funny, it's not. When it tries to be serious, it is funny. everything goes wrong with this movie, especially since we've seen this premise many times before.

Cade H (br) wrote: Every long running horror film always seems to have one sequel where they do something totally different and this was Hellraiser's version of that. Besides 2 very quick scenes, the iconic Pinhead was never seen or mentioned at all. The movie was pretty much a run of the mill cop thriller/mystery where people were being killed and he was trying to solve who did it. There were some dream sequences tossed in and some freaky creatures every now and again but overall it focused on one officer and his rough personal and career life. It was a nice change of pace for the series but it just did not fit in with the Hellraiser series is known for. The ending was cool though and I enjoyed that, but this could of been labeled something completely different and did not need to be in the Hellraiser line of work.

Joao F (au) wrote: Nice filming, ok story.

Anna B (nl) wrote: I can see why Sluizer never went on to do anything else of note; all he did here was luck out with an awesome script and have the good sense not to get in its way. The acting is clunky and awkward, the music is terrible, and if you have a vague idea of the ending, as I did, there's not much tension. But it works because it's a good story with a fascinating structure and an almost perfect pace. Sometimes that's all it takes.

Daniel M (fr) wrote: Sure it is a pack of cinematic vitamins for children, however, there is little fun in here for anybody who it is not. Even Tom and Jerry who are supposed to be enemies like each other. Where is the fun on this movie if it lacks the chaotic chases that make the classic cartoon so entertaining?

RJ M (ru) wrote: Charles Grodin has always been great at playing the straight man in comedies. He's usually the put upon character who doesn't quite understand what is happening around him. Here he plays an ad exec whose entire life is contained between the covers of his filofax. When he accidentally loses it, his life quickly falls in to chaos. Jim Belushi plays an escaped car thief who find the filofax as he tries to make his way to the World Series to watch his favorite team, the Chicago Cubs. He quickly assumes Grodin's identity and live the high life while on the lam from the law. It's mistaken identity to the nth degree as Belushi begins to unravel everything Grodin has worked for. But he may doing him a favor while doing it. It's a twist on the "Trading Places"-type of comedy where the lower class slob shows the upper crust how to lighten up. What would you do if you were suddenly given the keys to paradise? Would you try to fit in, or make that world fit around you? Jim Belushi will never be his brother, the late great John Belushi. But he never tries to be. He deliver the smart aleck lines with skill, and make the character a likeable oaf. Grodin is great as his foil. A man who loses total control of his life, but finds himself again in the process. Sounds preachy for a comedy, but it really isn't. It's a fun ride, and director Arthur "Silver Streak" Hiller keeps things moving quickly, balancing the rise and fall of each characters luck in the process. It may not be "Trading Places", but it's fun all the same.

John K (it) wrote: A pretty depressing movie about a pretty depressing time. I had a special reason for watching this movie. It was, literally, filmed in my back yard! It was pretty cool that I could recognize almost every set.The movie's worth watching, but it's not a feel good movie by any means.

Douglas C (ca) wrote: ...somtmes bein' a virgin can suck...

Lee M (mx) wrote: Fine, sprawling period piece. A great swan song for Cagney.

Matthew R (br) wrote: A surreal film that I found relevant to many people's everyday life. Definitely recommend it - I will never view sand the same.

Jenny R (ru) wrote: This comedy is not for everyone. You either get a few laughs, find it horribly dumb, or laugh through the entire thing. I am the last one. Many critics bash the film for the childlike actions/persona the main characters portray--however this is entirely on purpose. Many also tend to bash other comedies that rely on sex jokes or jokes that cross lines of comfortability. That being said, I find it odd that so many verified critics did not at least give Hot Rod credit for not doing so. Again, it is very slapstick much like Napolean Dynamite BUT with a story line. I would say the closest film to compare it to would be Nacho Libre--both slapsticks truly original plots. As a fan of many types of humor, I thought the film nearly perfected it's goal: a childlike and amiable protagonist, off-the-wall humor, and originality.

David P (fr) wrote: Nolan tries too hard to avoid the comic book aspects of the series and it's often what makes the worst parts of his Batman films. He really tried hard to do that with this one. Even though liked the Bane character a lot in this film, I never cared for these more obscure characters in the series. Was Nolan that afraid of doing the Riddler or the Penguin? He couldn't have a costumed Robin? Why so little with the Catwoman character?It may be true to the comic books, the plot just seemed too apocalyptic for Batman. Maybe I am too simple, but I just want Batman to have exciting story where he goes after classics villains like Joker, Penguin, Riddles, etc. That's what work in the 1960s. That basic premise minus the camp, is what works best. Even Tim Burton didn't quite master that, but he got by much better than Nolan I think overall. Especially, those complaining Batman Returns was too dark, Rises was by far the darkest yet. Overall, I liked enough of Dark Knight Rises to sit through it, but I am not too eager to want again.