When Elephants Were Young

When Elephants Were Young

A young man and his young elephant street beg in gritty Bangkok amid the controversial elephant business that threatens their survival, until the opportunity comes to release the elephant to the wild.

A young man and his young elephant street beg in gritty Bangkok amid the controversial elephant business that threatens their survival| until the opportunity comes
to release the elephant to the wild. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jessica H (br) wrote: Stereotypical, predictable, but it has it's good moments.

DAndra R (br) wrote: Great movie- makes you think about where our money has been and will be. Also makes you think how we all live so differently, yet are all dependent on money somehow. Likeable characters with believable needs.

Blake P (us) wrote: Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy spent most of their screen partnerships intwined in battles of the sexes, but "Pat and Mike" finds them at their most harmoniously warm, headlining a romantic comedy without highbrow bite or indirect sexism. While thinly plotted, the film is one of their breeziest pairings, in part to George Cukor's smartly scattered comedic zest and the screenplay's knack for uptown/downtown musings. Hepburn portrays Pat Pemberton, a physical ed instructor who spends her afternoons training athletic collegians. Her days of competing are far from over, though; as the film opens, she is basking in the final few moments before an important golf match. Pat is a dynamic athlete, but she has a minor problem when it comes to performing. Whenever her fiancee, the pompous Collier (William Ching), appears for support, her skills take a downturn, as if he were a bad luck charm. Collier wants Pat to retire from her sports career so she can become a full-time wife, but Pat, independent and smart, knows deep in her heart that she doesn't want to marry him and doesn't want to waste her days cleaning and cooking and kid raising. She has more important things to do than fill general women's roles. After a particularly rough match, thanks to the presence of the smarmy Collier, Pat is down in the dumps, but her athletic prowess is noticed by Mike Conovan (Spencer Tracy), a sports promoter who normally supports boxing acts. Right then and there, he deems her the world's top female athlete. But with her tendency to screw up at the worst of times, Mike becomes determined to train Pat until she becomes a wunderkind with the ability to smash cultural norms and sports records. As the two begin to see each other more frequently, however, it seems that mutual attraction is steadily growing, and traffic cones like Mike's other subject, a bird-brained boxer (Aldo Ray), prejudiced mobsters, and a smug Collier, will hardly stand in their way. I suppose "Pat and Mike" works so well because there isn't a moment in its 95 minutes where its stars are hating each other. In the subtly sexist "Woman of the Year", the entire middle half was spent with Hepburn and Tracy hardly attempting to overcome marital woes; in the witty "Adam's Rib", combative battles of words came more regularly than moments of adoration. "Pat and Mike" is a rather thin, simplistic romantic comedy, but without much conflict, it spends more time being likable than it does messing with our heads. It's a wonderful change of pace for its stars. Hepburn trades hardness for an affectionate, slacks not pants wearing performance (boasting her athletic skill along the way), and Tracy's teddy bear, Chicawgo affability is impossible to resist. Supporting performer Ray nearly steals the film as Mike's other client, Davie. A gentle giant of a dope who probably spends his days laughing at "The Three Stooges" while swigging beers, his nights bruising his little brains, Ray is a lovable and goofy supplement to his lively co-stars. With writing team Garson Kanin and Ruth Gordon's ear for the distinction between city dwellers and the intellectual middle-class, "Pat and Mike" is unsubstantial but towering in its charisma. It's a joy from start to finish, a comedy showcase for Hepburn and Tracy.

Stella D (br) wrote: little seen and low budget gothic thriller with louis hayward in a standout performance as a would be novelist and all around sleaze who accidentally kills his maid while making advances to her. instead of reporting it, he talks his reluctant brother into helping him dump the body in the river. big mistake. the film is very entertaining but could've been stronger if lang had been allowed to make the servant black i think. cinematography is grand with long shots down dark corridors and spooky scenes of the river at night. well worth a look

Mamie M (ag) wrote: Moving and very sad.

Tony P (ca) wrote: Top Gun explores fighter jet pilots and the planes they control (or not in some cases) in the US Navy.It features some excellent flight cinematography that defy its near thirty year age!Talking of age the main star Tom Cruise looks identical in 1986 to his 2015 turn in Mission Impossible.The casting is inspired. Val Kilmer as a fellow pilot vying for the 'Top Gun' honour awarded to pilots that are top of the class in their year at the US Navy Top Gun academy. An academy that aims to teach the lost art of aerial dog-fighting to its students.Kilmer hasn't had a successful acting career as Cruise. I only remember him from some mediocre Batman film in 1995 and The Saint. Roger Moore he ain't.The film also stars Tim Robbins, Kelly McGillis and Meg Ryan.The film has received some criticism for supposed homosexual alluding scenes.Cruise, Kilmer and fellow pilots are seen in the changing room I suppose.Cruise heterosexual relations with Kelly McGillis forms a secondary story ark.Typical synthesiser induced 1980s tunes along with a splashing of 1960s music forms the soundtrack. Im thinking of tracks such as 'You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling'.The rivalry between maverick pilot 'Maverick' (Cruise) and the cool as ice 'Iceman' (Kilmer) forms another story ark.The call signs of the pilots are amusing. Maverick, Iceman, Merlin, Goose, Hollywood.....The film itself hasn't aged much but the print is getting old.