When I Find the Ocean

When I Find the Ocean

A little girl leaves home with her pet dog and rabbit to escape abuse and find the ocean in the hopes of feeling closer to her father who has passed away.

A little girl leaves home with her pet dog and rabbit to escape abuse and find the ocean in the hopes of feeling closer to her father who has passed away. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lasse G (nl) wrote: This is a horrible movie. The plot really have potential to create something smart and special, but because of horrible writing and mediocre directing from Roland Emmerich, it just becomes another big scaled disaster movie. The characters are definitely the worst thing about this movie, because they are so uninteresting and the acting is so bad. John Cusack's character is so horribly written that Cusack himself, didn't even bother giving a somewhat acceptable performance. Woody Harrelson just plays Woody Harrelson, and while that may not be a bad thing, his character is just as insane and crappy written as every other character. Chiwetel Ejiofor is the only actor who gives a somewhat good performance in this movie, but his character is really just there for exposition and to narrate the various events that go down in the movie. The effects on the other hand are spectacular and follow the trail of great effects in Emmerich's movies, except for "Godzilla," of course. In the end, this is a really bad movie with some bad writing and badly written characters. Still excited for "Independence Day: Resurgence," though...

Christopher B (ca) wrote: Sorry didn't get this. Very predictable and dull.

joey s (mx) wrote: Giocant is explosive! the cast is wonderful, the story immersing, the ending heartbreaking. I was mesmerized throughout the whole thing. Simply delightful.

Erin F (de) wrote: Super Funny!!! I love it when he falls in the leaves at the end!!!

Carlene W (br) wrote: This review by Carlene Williams, student: Whale Rider (DVD)This film titled "Whale Rider' written and directed by Niki Caro is a wonderful and mystical movie. Its rich cultural believes and the breaking down of barriers against female is vividly depicted in this slow moving plot which lead up to the revalations. The young actress Keisha Castle-Hughes was great in her role as Pia. The movie begins with Pia's mother giving birth to her and her twin brother, the mother and male twin died in childbirth, leaving the female child an unlikely heir to the Maori Tribe. Leave behind by her father, she was raise by her loving grandmother and a resentful grandfather. Throughout her childhood in the movie she face many challenges because it was untraditional for a female to lead the Whangara people. Their many beliefs and customs is that they use limited resources and cares for the whales which is believe to carry the spirits of their descendants. The origin of these people are linked to Tahitian and Hawaiian, they migrated in canoes where they predominately spread out in all regions of New Zealand, where the settings of the movie were. As it relates to indigenous sacred ways and globilization, there was a global shift, new societies building up around them and they used modern technology and transportation to communicate cross culturally. I wont give away the ending of the movie, but the last scene with the native men and women adorned in their tradtional costumes, facial tattoes, dancing and singing was uplifting. Pia father did remarried and was expecting a child by a woman not from their culture or race, they excepted her. This is great for family entertainment and also a learning tool, it will empower and inspired females all around the globe.

Deb H (ag) wrote: Don't compare it to the TV show. This spoof of classic teen horror movies stands on its own. With Kristy Swanson as the reluctant slayer who would rather go bargain hunting than vampire hunting and Luke Perry as her amiably befuddled guy friend, Buffy's great cast is only outdone by its slick writing and quick comebacks. If you're not into all of that, Paul Reubens (Pee Wee Herman) is marvelously funny as the vampire henchman.

Deena A (it) wrote: Gory cheesy goodness!Grade: B-

jay n (nl) wrote: Somewhat scattered drama set in the last days of the Civil War. Glenn Ford is the top billed star but he disappears for almost the entire middle of the film and it's really George and Inger's show.

Edgar C (kr) wrote: Another good and entertaining John Wayne classic Indian gem. 73/100

Matt H (kr) wrote: The first half is better and more interesting, then the movie does a 180 and goes off into less interesting territory. It doesn't derail the movie, but it still suffers from it.

Joyce M (it) wrote: The animation was so advanced, smart and beautiful, but the story wasn't strong enough to support that.

Joey F (it) wrote: I've watched this movie three times now, and I have to the conclusion that this is possibly the best movie of all time. That sounds crazy to say, but I have never seen anything this detailed, dense, thematically brilliant, and emotional. Also trippy. Very very trippy. This is just a perfect movie. It makes you think, has great acting, directing, writing, everything. Maybe the best movie ever.