When Night Is Falling

When Night Is Falling

A prudish woman, working on tenure as a literacy professor at a large urban university, finds herself strangely attracted to a free-spirited, liberal woman whom works at a local carnival which comes to town.

An uptight and conservative woman, working on tenure as a literacy professor at a large urban university, finds herself strangely attracted to a free-spirited, liberal woman who works at a local carnival that comes to town. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mohammed A (de) wrote: love the unpredictability of the movie, however certain elements of the movie needs polishing up

Jenn T (jp) wrote: Extremely lame cartoon.

Franciscus D (fr) wrote: In football, everyone is allowed to make mistakes... except the goalkeeper. They stand there alone... waiting for the worst.

Archibald T (it) wrote: I only saw this because Thora Birch was in it. Even she couldn't help this film.

Aaron L (de) wrote: TV movie quality through and through with some incredibly wooden acting by Lewis. Interesting subject matter, though, and its heart was in the right place.


Jon C (gb) wrote: Fun swashbuckler with more character focus than similar films. For added points the fencing is supposed to be a pretty accurate portrayal of traditional European martial arts.

Mitch S (au) wrote: Laugh you rear end off.

Cee L (mx) wrote: I've been experiencing some kind of irrational, anti-Winona movie bias for a very long time.Do I need to get over myself? Probably.

Andy T (de) wrote: Great Atmospheric film. Too bad it has some heavy flaws in the middle act.

Martin T (ag) wrote: A musical producer unable to compete with talkies starts putting together "prologues" -- live musical numbers to precede movies. In typical Busby Berkeley fashion, it's preposterous to think that any of these numbers could be performed as a stage-bound production, but that's part of the fun. The obvious highlight is "By a Waterfall", a jaw-dropping masterpiece of both choreography and cinematography, the definitive Berkeley creation. It's stunning, breathtaking. The pieces that bookend it aren't quite as dazzling, but still loads of fun. "Honeymoon Hotel" is a cute and clever number with some racy suggestions (and Billy Barty!). "Shanghai Lil" lets Cagney show off his song & dance skills, including a terrific tap routine with Ruby Keeler. If there are minor instances of very mild racism, they're more than offset by the multi-ethnic performers, a rare occurrence at the time. All three big productions are all crammed into the end of the film, which is the film's biggest downfall. The first hour contains only one dance number ("Sitting on a Backyard Fence") and one song ("Ah, the Moon Is Here"). Although both are delightful, the movie needs a little more to break up a somewhat ho-hum plot. There's some witty dialogue, and Cagney is dynamic enough to hold your attention (though I'm not really a fan of his), but the story just seems to go around in circles, albeit at a breakneck pace. But it's all enjoyable enough, and well worth it for the "By a Waterfall" payoff.

Ryan V (br) wrote: John Rambo (Sylvester Stallone) is a homeless veteran whose very presence inspires the ire of a bunch of bored police officers in a small town. An arrest for vagrancy quickly spirals out of hand and Rambo finds himself using military training to evade National Guard troops who are hunting him through the woods. The Rambo franchise set the tone for 80's action movie excess, but those who come to First Blood for cheap thrills will be surprised by how atmospheric and affecting this film can often be; if nothing else, First Blood merits commendation for calling unprecedented attention to the then-marginalized concern of combat veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. Ted Kotcheff's tight direction and Jerry Goldsmith's somber music are big contributions to what makes this action movie memorable, but Sylvester Stallone's dynamic performance in the lead role is the key distinguishing element here.

Tommy K (fr) wrote: The story is too basic to engage even kids, the characters are immediately forgettable and sometimes unlikable, the songs are mediocre, and the humor and even the animation style are far too childish by Disney standards. One of Disney's low points.

Scott R (us) wrote: a really taut drama with excellent performances all around. engrossing.

Cody C (us) wrote: Feels like an extra-long episode of Tales from the Crypt, but doesn't drag at all. If you like that sorta stuff, you'll love this. I can't believe I hadn't heard of this one before, should be a cult classic.