When Santa Fell to Earth

When Santa Fell to Earth

Christmas is just two weeks away, it is pouring with rain, and Ben is struggling to get into the Christmas spirit. Suddenly, Bens life takes a turn for the better when Santa Niklas Goodfellow and his Christmas caravan come crashing down to Earth in the middle of thunderstorm and land in Foggy Lane. Santa is on the run from the ruthless Gerold Geronimus Goblynch and his army of nutcrackers who have outlawed all of the old magical ways and have transformed the bright and peaceful Christmas world into a dark and hostile place, governed by greed and money. Goblynch has banned work for all Santas and confined the Christmas angels to tiny prison cells, where they can no longer hear the dearest wishes of children. Goblynch also wants to force Santa Niklas Goodfellow, the last real Santa, to work for his commercialized Christmas company and forces him to do hard labour in the ordering department of the Christmas Palace.

Christmas is just two weeks away, it is pouring with rain, and Ben is struggling to get into the Christmas spirit... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Smashproplaya (it) wrote: Aardman and Dreamworks go together so well.

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Person N (br) wrote: Genius script and Alistair Sim really makes it shine.

Carlos I (br) wrote: Hilarious. It's funny how much of this still holds up. The end does drag on a little tough. I still think it should have ended at the graduation ceremony...

Tim E (ru) wrote: A most gripping film with humour and shows the grit of the British during WWII