When the Daltons Rode

When the Daltons Rode

Young lawyer Tod Jackson arrives in pioneer Kansas to visit his prosperous rancher friends the Daltons, just as the latter are in danger of losing their land to a crooked development company. When Tod tries to help them, a faked murder charge turns the Daltons into outlaws, but more victims than villains in this fictionalized version. Will Tod stay loyal to his friends despite falling in love with Bob Dalton's former fiancée Julie?

Young lawyer Tod Jackson arrives in pioneer Kansas to visit his prosperous rancher friends the Daltons, just as the latter are in danger of losing their land to a crooked development ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steffen W (gb) wrote: Quite the adventure. Certainly worth a watch. Not your kids kind of Dino show.

Tooba A (kr) wrote: Honestly, it was really funny but really cheesy at the end.

Rebecca (nl) wrote: "What's up with that Lance!?"

Freddie F (ru) wrote: "Castle Freak" is another one of those Stuart Gordon 'H.P. Lovecraft' adaptations starring Jeffrey Combs. In comparison to "Re-Animator" and "From Beyond" that fall into this same category, I'd say "Castle Freak" is probably the weakest, but the film is still definitely good despite being rarely discussed.The movie follows Jeffrey Combs, a recovering alcoholic and his family moving into a massive castle that they have inherited that just so happens to be already occupied by the 'castle freak'. It's not very complicated, intricate or involved as far as the story goes, but I don't really mind because the flick remains entertaining the whole way through and never sinks into any lulls like some horror films tend to.There's not really much to say about "Castle Freak" except that it delivers where you would expect. There's some decent sequences of gore, and though they don't rival any of the scenes from "Re-Animator", there is a particularly disgusting scene involving a prostitute and the freak where a certain part of someone's body is...well...I'll just leave that up to you to see.Combs gives another top-notch performance and his character someone escapes the stereotype that he could easily welcome. Without giving away any spoilers, I like the way the story works out in the end, and I like the bitter ending. What makes the film work so well is that it feels as if it is a single event, more realistic than the kind of horror film that immediately opens up a thousand opportunities for sequels and spin-offs. When the credits roll in for "Castle Freak" that's it and the story will never continue. I find that comforting and fresh and it's a path I wish I saw more horror movies take. Of course, I wouldn't want "Re-Animator"'s ending any other way."Castle Freak" is a good movie to pop in on a stormy night and watch with a couple of friends. It has some great scenes of eerie tension and atmosphere, a few spots of great gore and a fulfilling and well-worked out story. I don't see what's not to like...if you like horror movies.

Bryanne C (ca) wrote: allison you rock my world

Tim S (fr) wrote: Saw it again recently, still feel the same about it. Funny, but, meh.

Christopher S (mx) wrote: The best way to describe this film is as a spectacle. A gay spectacle, perhaps. Sorry! Badly written, gay spectacle. Yes, yes that's what it is. Oh, and it gives gay spectacles a bad name. There. Done.

Michael H (de) wrote: THIS IS A CLASSIC AND A MUST SEE MOVIE. It's smart and has a great story I loved this movie it has no flaws it's so good I recommend it go watch it on Netflix

Samuel M (us) wrote: My least favorite Tarantino movie.

Jessica B (mx) wrote: movie makes me laugh everytime.

Felipe F (kr) wrote: Brian De Palma crafts a stylish, ultra-violent depiction of the underworld of drugs on the 80's - with Al Pacino giving one of his most compelling and iconic performances as a drug lord who suffers a major fall from grace.