When Women Had Tails

When Women Had Tails

Cavemen Ulli (Giuliano Gemma), Kao (Lando Buzzanca), Grrr, Put, Zog, Maluo and Uto meet Filli (Senta Berger) with the light-brown tail.

A bunch of 7 orphan cavemen grow up on a little island all by themselves. After a fire burns all vegetation they set out to find a new place to live. Here, one day they trap a strange ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Taku Y (jp) wrote: J'aime bien les film d'Ozon, mais cette fois c' (C)tait pas g (C)nial malheureusement. En tout cas, c'est assez drle les ailes de ce b (C)b (C), car c'est exactement comme un poulet donc c'est assez grotesque surtout au debut :p

Tim C (ag) wrote: The cast are the entire soul of this film. Without the talented players and moving performances, this film wouldn't be worth your time. So many wasted opportunities. While I will concede that the film does make you ask yourself, "What would you do?", my path would have differed from the main characters quite early on. Then again, you ask yourself, could or would I do the same?

Alejandra S (ca) wrote: Slo me gust que ella flotara!!! TERRIBLE

Seth S (kr) wrote: It does have the basic things I liked about the first two, but Web of Shadows takes much of the fun out of what made the first two great. This is by the most serious of the three, keying in on Vakama's inner demons. A definite step back from the first two, but still a good movie for Bionicle fans. The story picks up right where Legends of Metru Nui left off. The Toa have assumed their role as saviors of Metru Nut. Until they are all trapped and poisoned with Hordika venom. It changes them from their original Toa form into Toa Hordika form. The other five Toa learn to deal with it, but Vakama's dark side comes out. He leaves his fellow Toa, and joins forces with the villainous Queen Roodaka, King Sidorak, and their army of Visorak . It all comes to a head in an epic battle inside a giant Coliseum. The animation is not a significant improvement over Legends of Metru Nui. It still is fantastic though, but the movie is a lot darker. The story is less accessible to non-fans this time around. The voice cast does a great job, the music is fantastic as always, and the story and characters are deeper than your average kids movie characters. But it just isn't as fun as the last two. And while the story isn't quite as compelling, it still completes a great trilogy by David Molina and Terry and Sue Shakespeare. "It was in those days, I discovered our destinies are not written in stone. We have to find them for ourselves. I found mine! Now it's time for you to make new legends. For that is the way...of The Bionicle." 7.5/10

Harley P (ag) wrote: My rating for this is "What the Fuck????" I can't even..I don't even...it's as bad as Naked Lunch

Cosmin I (de) wrote: Could have been a masterpiece but still bloody good fun!

Walker M (es) wrote: I 'usually' trust RT when we rent movies on the Apple TV. You were WAY off on this one. It was very good, real, well, shot, offbeat but compelling, believable story. I rate it higher than Slap Shot which until today i thought was the best hockey movie ever made. Don't rate it for how 'real' the hockey looks rate it for how you feel after watching it.

Martin P (nl) wrote: A superb film that has sadly been nearly forgotten about and is not out on dvd at present. They have the wrong cover scan here on Facebook. The one here is for a 1994 Martial Arts movie not Alan Bleasdales black humoured comedy set in Liverpool in the mid 1980s. A newly appointed night club manager mistakenly takes 2 sets of bookings from groups of pensioners for a New Years Party only to find himself in the middle of a sectarian scurmish between the 2 sets of pensioners with personal grudges going back 50 years or more. Very dark humour and very funny - a real insight to the Liverpool of the 1980s and before. Well worth seeking out and I do hope it gets a dvd issue as it's a great film.

Matthew R (us) wrote: I liked it well enough but I was expecting more.

Epifania A (jp) wrote: Despite being highly un-PC, still love me some Rising Damp.

Eric M (ca) wrote: "The Phantom Menace" fulfills all the technical requirements of good storytelling in the "Star Wars" vein, but aside from some intriguing metanarrative elements introduced (particularly Shmi Skywalker) and a thrilling lightsaber duel finale, the film languishes in mediocrity, with jilted, lifeless acting and dialogue redeemed only by George Lucas's staggering audio and visual imagination.

David D (ru) wrote: This is a great flick that mirrors and surpasses the contemporary "Dances With Wolves" and matches "The Last Samurai". These stories are very similar in that the lead character finds himself living with 'primitive' native people during a time of conflict with 'progress'. In this movie, the perfectly cast Nick Nolte leaves the US war effort in World War II to find tranquility with Pacific Islanders who know little about the terrible conflict surrounding them. Nolte and his adoptive people become deeply enmeshed in the violence and the story takes several interesting turns between the fight against the Japanese and then an insurgent campaign against the Allies. It's a surprising turn for Nick Nolte and a well laid out narrative.