Where Are You Going on Holiday?

Where Are You Going on Holiday?


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Where Are You Going on Holiday? torrent reviews

Peter L (us) wrote: My Rating: 2.5/5 stars; Grade: C+; Gesture: Thumbs Sideways; Status: Mediocre or So-So (Rotten); Emoticon: :-|.

Mark L (de) wrote: Very funny movie from 1994.Call Me for shower scene in "Dress to Kill".

Skyler B (fr) wrote: I saw the last few minutes of this movie on AMC and it looked stupid.

Dimitris S (br) wrote: Revolting behaviors,gross-out S & M's clashing with a beautiful mood of irresistible,sensual satire.The decadence of the film noir in my humble opinion.

Alexander P (jp) wrote: Not a bad horror although Argento's section is much better and Keitel gives a really good performance

Terri H (br) wrote: No thankyou - Not interested

Ed Fucking H (kr) wrote: A pretty decent film noir from Fritz Lang. While not nearly as massive a film as say M or Metropolis, this is still a very well done film, even if it isn't perfect. This is part murder mystery and part a movie about the newspaper buisiness and to be honest I kinda would have prefered if they had chosen one or the other to focus on, preferably the murder mystery as I found that to be the most interesting aspect of this. The love story on the side I could have done without altogether. Vincent Price is in this as the useless son, who has inhearited this newspaper comapny from his recently deceased father, without having any clue of how to actually run a newspaper company. He's good in his role. I also liked the kid who played 'the Lipstick Killer'. All in all a good film, that has some minor flaws but is worth watching for fans of Fritz Lang or Film Noir in general.

Caroline P (ag) wrote: Hit me square in the chest with pure emotion. What a wonderful, beautiful film.