Where Does It Hurt?

Where Does It Hurt?

In this classic hospital farce, Peter Sellers plays Dr. Albert T. Hopfnagel, a greedy, crooked hospital administrator who has perfected the art of bill padding, unnecessary surgery and kickbacks. Mistrusted by patients, and resented by other staffers, his assistant Alice can no longer endure his scams and plots to have him sent to prison - but not for long enough. Sellers again steals the show with an absurd and hilarious character study.

A corrupt hospital administrator decides to get as much money as possible from the patients by any means necessary - lie, cheat or steal. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Thaddaeus D (us) wrote: great action film Mark Wahlberg did great he said the time was he needs to make

Amy H (br) wrote: The whole movie is silent! It was so boring that they may as well just play the photos shown during the credits! That way we actually understand what the movie is about rather than wasting an hr or so! Terribly boring.

Doug B (ag) wrote: Some brilliant squaddie humour.

Tom G (br) wrote: Nicely done. An unmarried German female chef who is highly strung must cope with suddenly having to care for her niece and the simultaneous introduction of a new Italian assistant. There's not quite enough of the romantic relationship that follows to make it fully believable, but there are many quality moments. I especially liked the ending, which touches lightly and quickly on the ultimate outcome.

Sean R (ca) wrote: An early animated favorite from our pre-kids years

Pamela H (nl) wrote: Shelly Long Cracks me up,,in this one ,,you should see this at least give it a chance ,,I noticed not many like this flick ,,but if your in a silly mood grab it lol

Caesar M (br) wrote: A film biggest challenge is it ability to stand the test of times which is why even decades later we are still watching Charlie Chaplin comedies and many films made several decades ago. Unfortunately that is not case for "The Beast With Fingers" when even it title sounds cheesy. This film might have scared movie goers back in the day when it was release, but today it would make movie goers laugh.The Beast With Five Fingers takes place in an Italian village where the locals believe evil has taken over the estate of a recently deceased pianist where several murders have taken place. The alleged killer: is someone with five fingers. That plot synopsis is pretty much what makes up 80% percent of the movie. It's clear who the killer is, but I have to admit the writing kept things interesting enough to keep my attention. The characters are interesting and the effects on the moving severed hand look shockingly real. The effects do not look dated at all. To bad everything else did not aged as well. For starter the acting tends to be cheesy, especially Peter Lorre who outshines everyone in that category. He gives over the top facial expression and his line delivery are unintentionally funny. The best way to describe Peter Lorre acting is trying to imagine Matthew Broderick in cheesy horror role: unintentionally funny, but charming at the same time. The music is does add to the atmosphere, though it's about as generic as a horror music can get. The last twenty is where it becomes very slow with an ending that feels it came from a cartoon. It hasn't aged well as some other movies, but it wasn't bad as I expected.The Beast With Five Fingers is not a well aged horror movie, but it was a good enough experience to a sixty. If you're a fan of cheesy horror movie than this one might do the trick even if the last twenty minutes are not as strong. For everyone else, look elsewhere for your scares.

Brandon C (fr) wrote: When all the monsters are on screen it's a blast. When it's some of the human characters not so much. The 3 1/2 hr runtime doesn't help either. 75/100

Mackenie C (gb) wrote: Best movie i've seen in my entire LIFE OK

K B (au) wrote: Stranger than Fiction has a creative plot-line but not the execution required to carry it. Stranger than Fiction was written by Zach Helm and directed by Marc Foster. The story follows Harold Crick a mundane IRS Agent, and his ordered life when it is interrupted by a disembodied voice that begins narrating his life and foreshadowing his death. Stranger than Fiction stars Will Ferrell in his first drama, revealing an interesting aspect of Ferrell as the IRS agent Harold Crick. Stranger than Fiction also stars Emma Thompson who brings life to the now memorable character Karen Eiffel. Overall this American mix of comedy, drama and fantasy left me not thirsty for more in the usual sense but in the sense that I was ready for a redone better-executed version.The story of Stranger than Fiction follows Harold Crick in his meticulously ordered yet mundane life as an IRS agent in Modern day Chicago. Harold Crick's life begins to change when it is interrupted by a disembodied voice of a woman of whom only Harold Crick can hear, it begins to narrate his life and foreshadow and hint towards his ultimate demise. Through the narrating of the woman all of Harold Crick's organized life begins to fall into a chaotic and unpredictable story line. In order to make sense of his narrator, Harold Crick visits first a psychiatrist and then an english professor so as to make sense of why his life was being narrated. After meeting with the Professor, Harold Crick learns that his life is a story and it is up to him to discover if his life is a tragedy; a story ending with the demise of the main character, or a comedy; a story ending with the betterment of the main character.An Aspect of the film design that led me to want more of this movie was the beautiful skill with which some of the actors embodied their characters. Emma Thompson's expertise as an actor brought depth and sophistication to her character Karen Eiffel, the narrator and author who is incidentally writing the life of Harold Crick. One example of the excellent execution of the character Karen Eiffel was through her smoking habits and her reactions and tendencies towards it. Nearing the end of the film when Karen Eiffel is in a moment of high stress, her smoking habit seems as almost a crutch and she begins to continue her smoking but with shaking hands and almost a slobbering mouth. Those small details in Emma Thompson's acting gave depth to her character and showed the true mortality and brokenness of her character who was nevertheless in a spot of ultimate power.An Aspect of the film design that led me to be disappointed in this film was how the director allowed for the movie to tell us ideas, rather than show them to us. An example of this was in the writing that appeared on the screen throughout the movie representing the thinking and calculations of Harold Crick's mind. The filmmakers used those simple writings as a crutch to tell us about Harold Crick and inadvertently took away from his believability and humanity of his character. Showing rather than telling is a common guideline among writers and has been expanded upon by great writers such as Ernest Hemingway, yet here the writers disregard that simple rule and take away from the potential that Stranger than Fiction could have shared with us.Overall I feel that Stranger than Fiction has an intriguing plot line and enchanting characters but not the technical finesse to match its other qualities. I would still recommend Stranger than Fiction to any watcher, but am disappointed myself in the now lost opportunity to make an even greater film. I would compare this film to an egg yet unhatched, being still wondrous but still full of much more potential. I would rate this movie a 7/10, but why don't you watch it yourself to see if you share my feelings, sincerely the bored teenager of a twelfth grade English class.

Carlos F (jp) wrote: masterfully pokes fun at the "cabin in the woods" horror genre

katchoo (gb) wrote: despite my hatred for donald sutherland, I thought this film was great. I loved the killer plant and the vengeful artist

Erik B (jp) wrote: Like Anatevka and it's people.Fiddler on the Roof is a simple film, rooted in cinematic tradition. It also recognizes that story, in a film like this, basically means shit all in comparison to the characters. Fiddler on the Roof has never, and will never be recognized for having a complex plot with plenty happening (although, to be fair, there IS a lot going on). This is a story propelled by characters. Their motivations, their comforts and desire for change in some respects, are what takes the forefront in both the stage show and the film. The music is just as rousing as ever, having stood the test of time at this point and becoming a musical theater staple. I also can't praise Topol enough. He, in my eye, will always be the ideal Tevye on stage and screen. It's a sentimental, rousing, yet sometimes quaint look at a village on the edge of change.