Where Now Are the Dreams of Youth

Where Now Are the Dreams of Youth

When a young man inherits his father's lucrative business, he cheats the system to set up three of his college friends with jobs.

Ozu’s long-term collaborator Kogo Noda scripts a subtle shift from light to dark as Hirano’s carefree college life is marred by tragedy. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mary W (ag) wrote: Nice job. Imagine an App taking control of your life how crazy and scary is that!? The lengths you would go to try and get rid of that thing, creepy voice ,it controls everything you do. I really liked this film. Bobby Boermans direction was good I got vertigo a few times, thank you. Acting was good here too, thank god.

Andy K (br) wrote: A fun, offbeat superhero love story with Peter Pan-like themes of innocence versus reality.

Bloodmarsh K (es) wrote: I'm probably one of the few people who saw the ending coming from the start - and wanted it to arrive much sooner than it did. This is one of those 'sympathy for the devil' flicks, where the lead actor just wasn't able to get me to that point.

Benot R (nl) wrote: C'est sr, Benny Chan et ses scnaristes n'inventent rien avec ce film. Une histoire de cambriolage avec un scnario ficel de manire trs correcte sur l'ensemble de l'oeuvre. Une volont d'aborder le sujet via l'hypnose pour tenter de se dmarquer. L'ide est sympathique. Toutefois, le film tombe trop dans la surenchre sur la fin. Toutes les ficelles du script sont tombes, le film n'est plus qu'une course-poursuite pour sauver les gens et tenter de se sauver. Le final est mal quilibr avec une tentative de mettre beaucoup trop d'motion. Reste que Chan est un trs bon metteur en scne bien aid par des guns fights ou fights tout courts bien sous tout rapport. Comme l'ensemble du casting d'ailleurs et une BO trs sympathique. Un bon moment au final.

Anthony P (jp) wrote: Loved it, full of action and Ray Liotta and Ernie Hudson done an outstanding job in this movie

Matt G (au) wrote: Doesn't get much love cause it comes at an awkward time for American Westerns, but it's definitely a winner.

Blake P (kr) wrote: Jean-Luc Godard seventh feature, "Bande part " shows Godard getting even more aware of his skills, and the artistic qualities lingering in "A Bout de Souffle" are here, and much more grounded. A "crime thriller" much like "Pierrot le Fou", we meet Arthur (Claude Brasseur) and Franz (Sami Frey), partners in crime. They've been playing the roles of small time crooks for a few years, stealing what they can, but after meeting naive Odile (Anna Karina), the two are more than tempted to add her into the mix-- after all, she does live with a woman that has a vault containing tons of money. Arthur and Odile almost instantaneously hook up, but is it artificial or real? Franz intends to break up their relationship, win Odile, and the money. But will it work? "Bande part", like most of Godard's film decides to give us an interesting film experience simply by all the technical aspects of the film, while the plot is thin and messy. But that's what Godard knows best. His artistic eye is great here-- though he experimented with color previously, this film is filled in stark black-and-white, with a backdrop of France in winter. This is the perfect reflection of the two-dimensional, icy characters, and the fact that it just so happens to be a crime movie makes it just about perfect. As usual, Godard edits the film with artistic fashion, and does some terrifically entertaining voiceover work, but the real feat here is the chemistry between the three main actors. There's a host of memorable scenes, such as the minute of silence in the cafe, the jazzy, synchronized dance, and the world record set in the Louvre, but none of them would be as flawless without Karina's dark, mysterious beauty, Brasseur's quiet, unique tendencies, and Frey's charms that reminds one of Alain Delon. "Band part" may be an art film, but as an art film, it's one of the best. Godard has never been in this good of form and Karina has never performed so well. Recommended.

Alec B (fr) wrote: Some of it hasn't aged well but despite being the film that jump started a genre, it still feels more raw and original that most of the "buddy-cop" stuff that followed it's release.

Edwin W (nl) wrote: There were many historical errors in the movie. However, like Braveheart which also suffers from style over accuracy, it is an exciting medieval war movie. Maybe it will also pique the viewer's interest in British history.

Vasco M (nl) wrote: I found this movie to be a step-down for the Justice League and DC movies as a whole. The animation and design feel like a departure from the great style that has been DC's trademark for a while now, and the villains and plot feel like a retread of old tropes and schemes, not to mention the some lack of logic that is pretty glaring even when it comes to comic book movies. This is an okay affair but there are better alternatives.