Where Souls Go

Where Souls Go

A teenage girl has problems with her family and life when her little brother is born with a heart problem.

A teenage girl has problems with her family and life when her little brother is born with a heart problem. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Vic S (mx) wrote: This type of overwrought compendium of EVERY DRUG FILM WITH A CUTE PROTAGONIST has been classified before: "Unintentional Comedy." It's histrionic, heavy-handed and false. Between snickers and eye-rolls, I felt sorry for the actors who I'm sure did their best with a script that mocks the 80s and 90s. Side note: What makes drugs so glamorous in cinema is that the addicts are frequently so damn hot.

Sebastien S (us) wrote: preyty good for a low humor movie as seth macfarlane always does

Johnson C (us) wrote: A 1 billion rmb box office comedy, but I found that the same framework with Hui's brothers comedy in 80's in HK.... the gags are quite low in some way.

Tristan S (ag) wrote: We Are the Best is a great time! It engaged me, and the characters were, though in actuality larger than life, grounded in the truth of so many kids. Really worth a watch.

Marina N (de) wrote: Great idea. Dreams and their link to real-life experiences always fascinated me. And always wishing for something so badly, and when in possession, seing the flaws. A dream, no matter how beautiful, can never compete with the realisty. The actors were credible. I can't really tell what's wrong with the movie. Mavbe some script issues. At the end, I just iwshed it would have been more compelling.

Mohammad S (au) wrote: a lot of girlish stuff. not my type.

Rachit S (jp) wrote: A VEry Very Very Awesome Movie! MUst Watch..................... speechless.............

Mark S (it) wrote: recommended by Tuco.

Kevin S (jp) wrote: Just a long string of fuck ups.. dat ending though!!

Kenny N (nl) wrote: Some funny moments, but the POINTLESSNESS (not to mention the greatly amplified SADISM) of the thing just sits in front of the screen staring at you the whole time it's playing. This was created just to make money. And boy did it ever. The third one's worse. The fourth one's not even worth mentioning. I haven't seen the 5th one. I'm still having trouble adjusting to the fact that there IS a 5th one.

Ken H (it) wrote: One man, sits at a table, talks. Sounds boring, but I bet you can't shut it off after you watch the first five minutes. Actually liked "Monster in a Box" better, but couldn't find it on Flixster.

Ken S (gb) wrote: John Carpenter used to really know how to make a movie. "Starman" tells the tale of an alien visitor, who comes to Earth after receiving the message on Voyager 2, but veers off course and crash lands. He meets a widow and takes the form of her dead husband, and the two travel togehter to his intended destination, so he can get home before he dies...and it is a race to get there before the military gets their hands on him. I thought it was a great movie, charming and fun, with an alien visitor who isn't at all a threat...something all to rare in cinema. Jeff Bridges is great as the titular character, and Karen Allen does a great job throughout. This movie admittedly got to me...I really dug it.

Angela E (us) wrote: Convoluted, long flashbacks, drags in the middle. Give it a miss.

Andy P (ca) wrote: Great White Buffalo!

Arun J (br) wrote: If you are an Eastwood fan, this movie isn't actually showing him in a Mr.cool or Mr. Invincible or an original cowboy or the rough cop avatar. It's partially everything. I loved the last 30 minutes though!