Where the Wild Things Are

Where the Wild Things Are

A boy named Max imagines he is "Where The Wild Things Are''.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:7 minutes
  • Release:1973
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:king,   ocean,   snow,  

A boy named Max imagines he is "Where The Wild Things Are''. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shawn H (ca) wrote: A near perfect film IMHO, and impressively Shane Carruth is credited with doing almost everything in the film, from producing, directing, music composing, cinematography, editing, and acting, et al. The other neat thing is that I don't recall a single four-letter word in it; and there was no nudity, nor gratuitous violence, all three of which are typically rife in Indie films. A unique psychological science fiction, romance, thriller. I believe I'd like to work with Shane in some capacity on his next film adventure.

Allan C (it) wrote: Anthony Hopkins makes a compass, spouts facts about bears, makes a bunch of spears, builds a shelters and booby traps, and shares many other wilderness survival facts in the classy production of a surprisingly straight-up action adventure story from writer David Mamet. Action adventure is not usual Mamet territory, but the character dynamics are well within Mamet terrain. Hopkins is marries to supermodel Elle Macpherson who he suspects is having an affair with hunky Alec Baldwin. Macpherson is doing a photoshoot in Alaska when Baldwin and Hopkins (along with Harold Perrineau) take an ill-fated plane ride into the Alaska bush, which crashes leading to what in lesser hands may have been a simple wilderness survival story. With Mamet behind the survival story plot, he fills the plot with well defined characters running con jobs on each other, looking to get the upper hand for their own hidden agenda. Mamet's dialogue is more naturalistic than most of his scripts or plays, but it's still unmistakably Mamet prose. However, Hopkins' constant spouting of survival facts ("Did you know that you can make fire from ice?" or "You can season meat with gunpowder.") gets old and comes off as overly mannered. Still, that's a minor quibble in what is otherwise a smart character drama masquerading as a wilderness adventure story. Oh, and you get L.Q. Jones in a small role, which is always a good thing.

WS W (gb) wrote: A French suspense thriller.

Johnson C (de) wrote: A movie of walking on a cult style on a serious topic.

Begga J (br) wrote: The Best Movie I've ever seen.

Stella D (us) wrote: a lovely film and not at all what one expects from the director of ichi the killer and audition. a young japanese businessman and a crazy yakuza are sent on a road trip to a remote part of china, looking for jade and finding a mystery. it's funny and touching and haunting and a beautiful tribute to the power of dreams. bravo!

Asif H (de) wrote: Shahrukh produced some turkeys early in his career

Gaurav S (mx) wrote: Another brilliant film from the golden year. Everything is so bloody perfect, from the 1940's-60's setting to the realistic performances. The performance by the protagonist is one of the best I've ever seen!The film revolves around a family which endures a chain of political changes in China.. Highly recommended..

Duane W (kr) wrote: always john entertains u

John N (nl) wrote: Awesome martial arts. Mediocre story.

Michael R (fr) wrote: Connery is settled now into Bond's shoes but the muddy plot and lack of action makes this installment feel a little overlong. Still superior to many films that would later come, Thunderball remains an entertaining spy adventure.

Caleb M (jp) wrote: A wonderfully imaginative and exciting sci-fi adventure that successfully transports Robert Louis Stevenson's novel to Mars in order to portray some dazzling effects that truly qualify as special. The story works too, and the necessarily different sci-fi elements help distinguish this film from the original story. A truly fun and spectacular looking adventure!

Eric R (it) wrote: A bleak film about war and doing what you need to survive. This used to be one of my favorites but it has lost some of its power on repeat viewing for me. Still the film is very well shot and features some very fascinating scenes. Definetly one of the great war films.

Aj V (kr) wrote: I really liked this movie, it combines the gangster movies with the reporter movies, and adds some romance too. It's a great combination with a great cast, with Cagney as the main character. This is an exciting, fun, romantic, and sometimes humorous movie, and I highly recommend it.

Aephraim S (de) wrote: The cinematic equivalent of reading the Huffington Post.

Gavin P (br) wrote: A decent thriller, but nothing spectacular. Cotten & Valli are good, but Welles is essentially not even in this film! It's a bit scattershot, but finally ends up in the great sewer chase scene. Awesome score, but otherwise not that great a mystery film, really.