Where There's Life

Where There's Life

In a far off country, their king is critically wounded after an assassination attempt and the only heir is a timid New York radio personality, Michael Valentine (Bob Hope). After reluctantly traveling to his father's homeland, Michael is not happy that he's become the target of the same terrorist organization that attacked the king.

The American son of an Eastern European monarch wounded in an assassination attempt becomes a target for a terrorist organization. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Don W (it) wrote: At one point, John Cusack turns to Thomas Jane and says "you suck at acting." That must have been the highlight of the movie for them. Nice cars, but horribly low budget, and horrifically bad.

Grant H (mx) wrote: Great movie. Certainly not the most original coming-of-age tale, this film still brings a lot to the table, whether it's Murray's dedicated lead performance, Lieberher'a stellar debut performance or a script full of witty and touching dialogue.

Chris G (fr) wrote: Tremendous potential to revive the "stranded amongst things that go bump in the night" genre is eviscerated by the film's cliched, tired and implausible 2nd half.

Debasish D (jp) wrote: Great performance from all lead actors/actress. How ever I don't agree with some points told by AB in this film

Brian K (jp) wrote: This is a top sports movie. The importance placed on character development, personal growth and the bonds that can be formed on a team, give this story it's soul. Mix that in with the most realistic sports action to ever hit the big screen and you end up with a gritty, thought provoking film. All of you who don't like this movie have obviously never played a team sport. Those of you who have will def find a connection to this tale. Life isn't about winning but the character, experiences, lessons and friendships you find along the way.

Junaid A (mx) wrote: Love story, A nice movie and my roomate's best choice

Derious L (nl) wrote: this is a good movie

Neil K (de) wrote: One of the most disjointed films I've ever seen. Even Billy Bob Thornton looks lost, doing his ol' buddy Dwight Yoakam a favor by appearing in this film. Interestingly enough, there are some terrific performances scattered throughout, but the lack of compelling (or even coherent) storytelling prevents this film from becoming anything more than resale-shop filler.

Kenny S (ag) wrote: Larry Drake is the only one loser enough to return for this direct to video stinker. Durant was able to survive the head on helicopter crash from the last film (in which it not only smashed into a wall at top speed but burst into flames) with only a couple of scars and the occasional, but not always necessary, need for a cane. Now instead of just some leader of thugs, he is like some ultra businessman too. Arnold Vosloo is HORRIBLY miscast as a replacement for Liam Neeson. Now Darkman delivers every line of dialogue in a boring monotone and wooden voice...missing is the sort of excitement and fun Neeson brought to the role, not to mention I could only decipher like 50% of what Vosloo said since his accent kept changing. The plot is convoluted, and lots of things happen that don't make sense. ALSO Larry Drake is quite possibly one of the ugliest people to ever walk the planet. He is chunkier and dumpier than the last film, and his hair cut and hideous face are hard to even look at sometimes. Totally skipable sequel.

Elek M (kr) wrote: Very strange, a reviewer once said when the film came out that it was like a Rorschach test, and it certainly was. I interpreted it as an interesting look on human history and in some aspects the biblical book of Genesis. I could rarely tell exactly what I was looking at and usually when I could tell it was either vague forms of nature, humanoid figures, and close ups of gore.

Rona T (nl) wrote: omg my mother in law made me see this, and its actually quite good :o)

Joshua T (jp) wrote: It feels very different from his other films. Out of all the 20 films of his that I've seen, I would say this is my least favourite, but I still liked it. It has some funny moments, it's light-hearted and the cinematography is actually quite stunning in places.

Smashproplaya (fr) wrote: Only flaw is it's too long, but everything else is perfection