Which Way Is Up?

Which Way Is Up?

Richard Pryor plays three roles - a beleaguered, sex-starved farm worker named Leroy Jones; the farm worker's randy old father Rufus; and the hypocritical town preacher Rev. Lenox Thomas - and Pryor has never been so outrageously funny. The lives and love lives of these three men cross and crisscross as Leroy tries to get his life back on track.

Richard Pryor is playing three different roles here. The first being a poor orange picker named Leroy Jones who gets laid off when by mistake he joins the worker's union during one of their... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ivan D (de) wrote: This movie was far better than the last one. A well respected sequel the made up for what it came from.The main reason is the more realistic script. The last one just showed what the the characters would like in a different perspective. This one most showed a more developing story, with more interesting parts. Also the animation was also far better. Especially the opening title, very colorful and energetic. The characters were better developed, most likely between Twilight and Sunset. Which made Sunset Shimmer one of my favorite characters. Not to mention the last movie didn't really develop them, most likely rushing.The music was catchy and very well made. It felt as if the writers really put their all into it. Especially the ending climax, it was epic.The background characters were the best of the movie. That's the interesting thing about G4 of MLP, they know what the fandom loves about the show and what they do. That's what perfect about this franchise.So I still loved this movie, as it was better than the last one. But I don't think what came after was better.I'll look at The Friendship games later.

Simon E (gb) wrote: Absolutely astonishing blend of cgi and motion capture work combine with a intriguing story to deliver an exciting cinematic experience

Richard R (gb) wrote: Let me preface these words with this; I'm not much a fan of movies that use the "flashback" technique to tell the story... Having said that, the acting was pretty good and the makeup effects were gory, but the story was just well let's just say this movie is an even lower budget version of Hostel but for surgical students. Maybe OK for a viewing once it comes to HBO.. It'll be there soon...

J K (es) wrote: Oh, Bollywood, how much I hate thee.

babi j (fr) wrote: Thank you Mr Kiarostami...

Guido S (kr) wrote: A forgotten gem. A mockumentary poking fun at the various dog shows and the people involved in them. Follows a few families on their journey before and during the competition. Eugene Levy, Christopher Guest and Fred Willard shine here, but the cast is really good. Didn't think I would like this one much, but it was really good.

De P (it) wrote: very old movie. where can i see it?

Adam R (ag) wrote: Raw without going overboard like the 1963 film went. This is about as good of a film adaptation as you could ask for. Very tense and captivating! (First viewing - Fall 2002)

Ioana (ag) wrote: This is the way heroes should be! Loved the performance given by O'Toole.

Vasco M (ru) wrote: 'Blood and Bone' is one of my favorite iterations of a 'Man from nowhere' story, featuring a superluminal pace that absorbs the necessary - and only the necessary - story details into its furious, perfectly stylized action sequences.

Kristen P (us) wrote: For 1988, the makeup and costumes were ahead of its time. Arsenio Hall shines in a supporting role.

Tom R (kr) wrote: There are very few things in a film that I reject outright and one is revisionist history, delivered by a flagrant hypocrite no less. In 1978, San Francisco Mayor George Moscone and City Supervisor Harvey Milk were assassinated by fellow City Supervisor Dan White. How can this film be made without one mention of Jim Jones and the 'Peoples Temple' (yes, Jim Jones notorious for the spiked 'Kool-Aid' mass murder that killed over 900 people and occurred 10 days before the assassination of Milk/Moscone) whom Milk and Moscone relied heavily on for local support and votes, which Moscone rewarded by appointing Jim Jones to the city of SF Housing Authority. Why is the fact that Milk rose to the rank of Lt. while serving in Korea never mentioned? Why is the fact that Milk actually worked on Barry Goldwater's Republican Pres campaign in 1964 before switching political affiliations omitted? Propaganda, pure and simple delivered by an actor who plays Milk as a caricature, not a character (think 'Coffee Tawlk') and it's tough to swallow dialogue regarding the greatness of the United States and its Constitution from an actor that exhibits a vocal and unabashed disrespect for both in private life. Gus Van Sant knows by now how to assemble the various components of film to make a whole but he and his writer fail everyone by cherry-picking history. Penn, Hirsch and Luna are ingratiating but James Franco acts well. This is no 'Best Picture', this is an insult to anyone who has even a casual interest in US political history. If California is determined to push a tolerance agenda to the voters in their state in movie form, they may want to consider different role models.

Eric H (nl) wrote: Overall, it is safe to say that "Cabaret" is an delightful movie that comes across being the musical of all musicals.. Bob Fosse created a brilliant masterpiece, but it was released in bad timing because when it came out, another heavy came into full effect, "The Godfather." If you never seen it yet, you don'y know what you're missing. For those who love high energy films like "Moulin Rouge" or "Chicago", then this type of movie might be your cup of tea. It will surely leave you awestruck for a very long time.