While the City Sleeps

While the City Sleeps

Newspaper men compete against each other to find a serial killer dubbed "The Lipstick Killer"

A serial killer has been killing beautiful women in New York, and the new owner of a media company offers a high ranking job to the 1st administrator who can get the earliest scoops on the case. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cassandra R (us) wrote: Watched this with our 7 & 11 year old boys; lots to think about regarding making decisions and assertive actions. If your kids are not accustomed to intense imagery/scenes, this is not for them!

Jim K (jp) wrote: I don't think I have ever HATED a movie more. Unfunny, unenjoyable characters, in a poorly written and executed plot.

Kristian W (nl) wrote: Wonderful film. One of the great unexpected camaraderie tales of late. Both leads worked fantastically together and being set against the beauty of the New Zealand landscape didn't hurt either. Woven against the backdrop of post-Boer-War New Zealand (their first war abroad as a nation) it worked very well as a period piece without placing too much emphasis on the politics. At the same time, however, showing a stark correlation between the downtrodden Boer and the New Zealand Maori. While this film may tread on a few toes in the reactionary community, I believe the message was delivered tactfully and subtly. 1/2 a star off for some god awful accents in the supporting cast.

Alexandre B (gb) wrote: Really bad movie with really sexy takes!

Kris I (kr) wrote: what a wierd movie! just shows u how bad women really r lol

Nikolai B (br) wrote: It's probably not popular because it has a moral underpinning. I like it, and if you don't like this movie... fuck you mutha fuca!

Anis T (kr) wrote: Sequel to "It's Alive" is pretty much the same only less likable. This one will definetly bore the shit out of you. Will someone please shut those kids up?

Taylor N (ag) wrote: The existential struggle. One of my favorites of his.

James H (br) wrote: Very good story, interesting plot about a woman who is black but looks white and the discrimination and problems she encountered. Great cast, well written and directed. A solid well made drama.

Aloj K (nl) wrote: One of the things that truly impressed me with this film is the meticulous attention that Bergman paid to small details. His selection of music is a case in point. The second movement of Bach's Fifth Cello Suite (Sarabande), whose excerpts we hear in this film, is intimate and very sorrowful (almost like a piece of funeral music), as if to signal the end of the road. The non-chordal nature of this movement (it consists of a single melodic line) was a great way to subtly remind us of the existential loneliness of the four main characters, as well as our own. Or, take for example Bruckner's Ninth Symphony, which Johan (one of the four main characters) was listening to very loudly in one scene. Bruckner spent the last nine years of his life composing this symphony (and actually never finishing it). Its Adagio is contended, at least by some Brucknerites, to be a farewell to life. This very last of Bergman's films feels like his own requiem. It can make us sad, that's for sure. But the music of his cinematography is still heavenly beautiful.