While You Are Here

While You Are Here

Sebastian, a young male prostitute, is one of Georgs few remaining chances to break through his hermit-like everyday life in exchange for a few fleeting moments of being together with ...

Sebastian, a young male prostitute, is one of Georgs few remaining chances to break through his hermit-like everyday life in exchange for a few fleeting moments of being together with ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Javier S (gb) wrote: Tanto el cine como la comida francesa tienen su propio sabor y sazon y toman cierto tiempo para degustarse propiamente, "Paseando con Molire' (Alceste bicyclette) nos cuenta la historia de un actor de television llamado Gauthier Valence (intrpretado por Lambert Wilson mejor conocido por ser el Merovingian en las peliculas de Matrix), quiere validar su carrera llevando a cabo un montaje historico de El Misantropo de Moliere una obra en la que el papel principal le gustaria que lo interpretaraSerge Tanneur (interpretado por Fabrice Luchini una institucion del cine frances que previamente interpreto a Moliere) de quien obtiene la concesion de ensayar con el una semana en la bella isla de R para decidir si acepta el papel.Al igual que la obra de Moliere la pelicula no esta basada en el desarrollo de la trama a base de escenas de acion y eventos secuenciales ino que mas bien el progreso de la historia es en base a el progreso que hacen los personajes al convivir dia con dia, al ensayar, discutir y pelear.No es para los fan de las peliculas de accion ya que el desarrollo de la trama no es sino una excusa para ver a dos buenos actores haciendo lo suyo con animo y entusiasmo y con una calidad excepcional llevnadonos a pensar en que es lo que buscamos en realidad cuando nos alejamos y cuando queremos o no queremos volver a algo que ya tuvimos.Recomendable para los espiritus pacientes.

George R (ru) wrote: Could've been a lot better. The script was good & definitely had potential, but the major problem was how boringlyexecuted it was, unatmospheric, & the delivery of the acting felt completely staged. It just feels like a budgeted (and it shows) basic cable movie. I give most credit to the lead actresses for at least trying, & part of the story does showcase what they really had to go through for them to do what they had to do, but ultimately it just fell flat.

bill b (ag) wrote: Hmmm...BestGreek film in 2011??i do not agree...But definetly it is NOT bad!

Bridget K (gb) wrote: So many classic moments and lines emerged from this movie!

Min L (it) wrote: heavy, sad, yet totally wins your sympathy and tears

Robbie M (au) wrote: Loving the book as much as I did made Thr3e that much worse for me. Terrible acting made this supposed to be intense thriller a laugh out loud. If you're gonna do Ted Dekker, do it right guys.

Marko S (es) wrote: some time ago, i've heard a story about a pro sportsman (i don't remember who was the guy, nor which sport he played) who watched some sports drama from the 80-es before every game he played. he would put a cassette in his VCR and watch only the first ten minutes of the movie. over and over again, game after the game. and he had never seen the whole movie.it is kinda extreme tactic, but it can be applied on this flick. well, not just the first 10 minutes, but i think the finale should be cut off. the main problem of movies today is orientation soley on the plot, trying to make it more and more original by twisting it into a gordian knot. and the problem with the gordian knot is simply that you can't solve it in an elegant way. considering this and many other movies, the ending is always a mess without much point to it.too bad the premisis was kinda alright on the artistic level: two FBI agents come to a god forsaken town to investigate a grizly triple murder masked as a car accident. the only three survivors are a nine-year old girl, a young junkie woman and a wounded police officer, and every one of them has their own side of the story. it makes it basically a psych suspense version of rashomon. as the story goes on and on, there are some twists...taking one detail at the time, script seems a bit lame, all the morals carefully inserted to an interesting story are corny to the bone. but when the story has no morals in it, this movie is a scary and gory kind of fun. the title hasn't much to do with the rest of the movie, but it ain't the worst ever. bear in mind that it was the first jennifer lynch movie in 15 years, after boxing helena, an interesting, but overall freakish shocker.jennifer lynch has a famous last name, but she is not hiding behind it, her direction here is pacy, action-oriented, and the only "lynchian" part to it is general wierdness scene by scene. the cast of characters is great, bill pulman and julia ormond, maybe two most underrated actors nowdays, are simply great, and despite the fact their characters have no motive at all after the plot twist, their performance is on the highest level.worth watching for the sake of gory fun. that fun is prety pointles, but fun doesn't have to have any point. but it won't be the best thing ever, let's be honest.

Steve S (ca) wrote: i guess so, as long as there are titties or something

jay n (us) wrote: Positively nothing new in this second bill feature but if you are a fan of Mitchum this was his first lead. After many walk-ons and bits he is billed here as Bob Mitchum and was right on the cusp of breaking out of the ranks into the big leagues with an Oscar nom in his very next picture, The Story of G.I. Joe. He is still a little rough around the edges but still radiates star charisma. Besides him Anne Jeffreys, a fine actress in future years, is good in a secondary role but the film is routine.

Jay H (ru) wrote: Post LSD fantasies combined with DMT dreams. . Doesn't get much better than this-unless you can make me "SHIVVER"!!! 'Cuz I'm a juice dog! I'm a twitchin' skee-ball and you won;t let me-see above. It's all good.

Bryan B (de) wrote: the movie that started the combat film genre!

Mathew P (ca) wrote: It may have been difficult for them at the end, but it was a strong struggle.