Whirlpool of Fate

Whirlpool of Fate

Jean Renoir's directional debut and first silent film stars his wife, Catherine Hessling, as a young girl who manages to turn her tragic family life into one of joy and happiness.

After her father's death and her uncle having drunk all the inheritance, Virginia is left alone. She is accepted by a family of bohemians but a quarrel between the bohemians and the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John O (es) wrote: This movie so hilarious I can't even stop laughing. The part where I enjoy the most was when Ina thinks her son Juan is gonna commit suicide and Rowena says all the things before he died.

Thomas W (kr) wrote: Maravillosa! Enrique y Ceci hacen una quimica impresionante... los dos barbaros crean el ambiente necesario para las escenas. Es impresionante el dueto maravilloso que hicieron. La pelicula, definitivamente, no seria lo mismo sin ellos. Fuera de eso, creo que esta muy bien lograda a excepcion de la parte de Ana Ofelia, que se me hace de lo mas cliche en el cine, y que seguro lo posieron para conmover al publico. En fin, creo que ha sido una de las mejores peliculas mexicanas que salieron este 2007. Bravo!

JJ B (de) wrote: I love the home alone movies

Nathan M (mx) wrote: Stylish, smart, and hilarious, #wagthedog is a poignant film about politics in America and a great showcase for DeNiro, Hoffman, and Mamet.

Brandon B (ca) wrote: One of the best period pieces that I have seen. Colin Firth seduces everything in sight until playa gets played.

Frnk N (ru) wrote: Absolutely devastating.

Laird J (jp) wrote: Crazy zoo animals filmed on location in a German city! Bad dubbing! Hairy chests! Underage nudity! Oh my!

David M (mx) wrote: Another film with a surprisingly stella cast however virtually zero engaging entertainment factor. It keeps you watching purely for the fact we think something worthwhile will go down in the finale. But this isn't so. In less than 2mins everything falls apart & Seymour Hoffman has a mini breakdown, then the film ends. Umm waste of time? Ye bo.

Lee M (br) wrote: Interesting in its own right as a tidy chiller/thriller, but recommendable when one realizes that so many later horror flicks seem but a footnote to this one.

Daniel V (es) wrote: On the one hand it is a no-brainer popcorn action flick, on the other it's not very "fun" and struggles to bring the ends of its plot-logic together. At the end we're left with a "that was all a dream" kind of ending which I was yelled at for trying on in my year 9 English class and I walk away scratching my head at how movie studios throw away millions of dollars funding crud like this.

Dan S (nl) wrote: An intriguing, unsettling look at a nave, sheltered housewife (Julianne Moore) who becomes very sick, only to have her doctors tell her they have no idea what is wrong with her. When she decides to move to join a group centered on wellness led by a charismatic leader (Peter Friedman), her health continues to plummet. What makes this thing watchable and interesting is director Todd Haynes take on environment and how sometimes where we live and who we surround ourselves with is the true poison to one's overall health. Moore's rock-solid performance anchors this movie throughout its entirety, and it still has a chilling effect on one after the credits roll.

Ciaran S (mx) wrote: TO INFINTY & BEYOND!!!

Tara H (es) wrote: Classic supernatural comedy from Noel Coward is as sparkling and witty today as when it was first devised. Starring the inimitable Rex Harrison, with Margaret Rutherford as the dotty medium, Madame Arcati.

Natson20 N (us) wrote: Good cast, beautiful setting. Film is evenful and unpredictable. Its like a huge suprise. Maybe a little bit rude, but still brilliant.