When his long-lost brother resurfaces, Jacobo, desperate to prove his life has added up to something, looks to scrounge up a wife. He turns to Marta, an employee at his sock factory, with whom he has a prickly relationship. the owner of a sock factory in Montevideo, and Marta, his employee, realize that their estranged relationship needs to change when Jacobo's long-lost brother prompting them to pose as a married couple.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:99 minutes
  • Release:2004
  • Language:Spanish,Portuguese,Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:hotel,   factory,   pool,  

When his long-lost brother resurfaces, Jacobo, desperate to prove his life has added up to something, looks to scrounge up a wife. He turns to Marta, an employee at his sock factory, with ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Robert S (es) wrote: An EPIC B-Movie cast.

Jay D (kr) wrote: According to me the best Vishal Bhardwaj movie ever and also hats off to him to make this kind of serious cinema with popular actors. The best part about movie is the way Bhardwaj brings every actor out of his comfort zone and extracts top notch performances. Saif Ali Khan delivers his career best performance as menacing LangdaTyagi, Konkana Sen Sharma is always awesome and Ajay Devgan is just too brilliant in his titular role. Great music, flawless screenplay and raw camera work makes Omkara a cult classic in coming years. Only thing that bothered me was that strong UP dialect but with subtitles those dialogues sounded equally kickass.

Vikram T (br) wrote: slezy comedy..typical indra kumar film

Brian S (us) wrote: This movie really reminds me of Saw 2 : strangers waking up in an unknown place, hidden signs everywhere and an intense and deadly situation. Overall, Cube was satisfying, the acting is actually pretty good for a super low budget movie, and, the Cube effects are pretty fancy, although sometimes pretty cluncky and cheap. The script of this flick is probably the movie's biggest flaw. But the deaths scenes are by far spectacular and there's suspense in there too. A cult classic for sure, I'm curious to find out what the remake will be like. Recommended !!

Anna B (gb) wrote: From the first frame I knew this was gonna suck. Early 90s romance, shot on 16mm or perhaps just really shitty 35, bad music, awkward dialogue delivered awkwardly, unattractive characters, both physically and otherwise, there's very little to like about this. It does pick up slightly when the characters stop talking, but even then, the inept direction and editing derail the mood, so...yeah. It's basically a 90s TV movie, and nobody likes those. Ebert's review is pretty much spot on.

Private U (jp) wrote: Fulci's second-to-last film comes pretty close to the quality of his best work, but he's let down by some terrible acting. The zombie attack sequence proves that Fulci was still capable of creating memorable horror set-pieces.

Matt M (au) wrote: A woman whose award winning champion lapdog Danke has puppies and dreams of a litter of champions, is annoyed when her husband is talked into bringing an abandoned Great Dane puppy who seems to do nothing but mess the house and cause trouble. The film also turns into a witty battle between husband and wife, though it's still not enough to prevent this films from being almost totally dominated by the on screen presence of the cute dogs and the accurate performances the filmmakers were able to get out of them.

Libby T (nl) wrote: I watched this with my mom when I was little. I still remember it today.

Daryl T (ca) wrote: Soapy but cute at times

George I (ag) wrote: Probably James Cameron's best film (haven't seen The Abyss). Still not on Blu-ray, because Jihad or something.

Spencer S (us) wrote: Before I delve into the mediocrity of a fifties' romantic comedy film starring Doris Day, I would like to say that I do have an unquestionable bias against this film, and that is that it stars Day. There's just something so contrived and fake about her persona onscreen and every time I watch one of her sugar spun tales of deception and happy endings my stomach curdles in horror. Romantic comedies in themselves don't chafe against me, nor ones set in a time period that valued modesty and censorship. It's this particular film that seriously rubs me the wrong way, mostly because of how sterile and playful it's trying to be about adult relationships. Being childish about sex is not toned down, and it's not fine for the times, it's gross and leaves open a vacuum that gets filled with obtuse puns and ridiculous misunderstandings between characters. Really there are no cute catastrophes or remarkable setbacks to this film. It's simply a film about a prideful, powerful businesswoman who is trying to make calls through a party line while a philandering bachelor makes calls to floozies when he should be writing hit songs. She has none of the neurosis of future female leads, only ambitions and actual character. Rock Hudson's character is a less than affable, manipulative pig, who keeps messing with Doris Day's character, while she blithely goes along with everything that happens and listens to the advice of said pig which makes no sense. Really it's two noxious characters that are so difference than these actors really are. I was sincerely surprised at Hudson, who made a joke about a character being a homosexual and not in a subtle way at that, which was Hudson's sexual orientation throughout his life. It's just too easy to be cynical about this film, and too annoyed at the pithy dialogue and fake smiles to fully enjoy the lack of chemistry between Hudson and Day.