Whistle Down the Wind

Whistle Down the Wind

When an injured wife murderer takes refuge on a remote Lancashire farm, the owner’s three children mistakenly believe him to be the Second Coming of Christ.

When an injured wife murderer takes refuge on a remote Lancashire farm, the owners three children mistakenly believe him to be the Second Coming of Christ. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Josh M (ag) wrote: I've never heard of Rapture-Palooza until now...and I know why. What a strange, disappointing film. I'd imagine neither Kendrick nor Robinson would want people to know they had any part in this. You would think a movie with them at the helm, surround by a strong cast of comedians would have worked. Rapture Palooza plays out like a movie that should only watched on comedy central at 3am, after a night of drinking.Review Points:- The name, first. "Rapture-Palooza" Really?- Anna Kendrick looked like she was ready to fall asleep the entire movie. I get that they were trying to make her (and Daley's character, Ben) look relaxed, and nonchalant about everything going on, but it came across annoying. Every once in awhile Ben freaks out and drops a couple 'holy sh*ts' and holy 'f*cks' but that's about the extent of the emotional range for them. Anna doesn't really show anything but being bored the whole time.- Craig Robinson pretty much improvises all of his lines. Most of his dialogue is just sexually explicit cracks at Kendricks character, fired off continuously (ba-duh-tshh) While the improv isn't terrible (he talks and acts like a genuine d-bag) the jokes extremely hit or miss.- I didn't get the zombie neighbor character. Thomas Lennon is a hilarious actor and he was wasted on him. - Rob Corddry plays his typical 'd*ck' character (like Hot Tub Time Machine, Harold and Kumar) but instead of him having funny moments, he's just mean-spirited and unlikable. Generally, a lot of the comedy of RP is mean-spirited.- Funny cameo by Ken Jeong as god. - Paul Scheer was hilarious as the security wraith- Really weak climax. - They tried to circle the movie around, Hangover style (show end of movie first, then work up to it) but they never acknowledged that fact in the narration the second time around which bugged me.- On that point, the narration was annoying and felt lazy. You can really tell that the problem with the movie is the script. There are great leads, a great supporting cast, a great premise...but they don't really have anywhere to go. They just kind of float along. Rapture-Palooza was just executed poorly.

Hunter H (ca) wrote: good but not as good as the first one

Walter C (mx) wrote: The movie starts off with nudity and then a lesbian foursome and then they go on a road trip where the guys at the gas station where all the men are perverts (one of them is jerking off behind the girls) and then they are sitting around in a cabin when a loser and his friends show up. At this point I turned it off.Starts off awful and continues down that road. Skip this one.

Dominique E (ca) wrote: This looks soooooo good!

Robbie N (ag) wrote: A mediocre film at that, Evan Almighty produces nothing special, with a few laughs here and there, it really fails to reproduce the comedy provided in Bruce Almighty. Although this, Steve Carell does deliver his few lines of humor that makes you laugh like hell.

Karina R (ca) wrote: It's hilarious! I love South Park and this movie reminds me of the show every time I watch it.

Carolina C (nl) wrote: This movies is like nothing I've seen, touching and heart-warming filled with humor. It's very dreamlike, surrealistic it's a definite recommendation for everyone looking for something different

Guido S (ca) wrote: An autistic boy cracks a code in a magazine, so the NSA kills his family and is after him. This could have been a good movie, but the film starts to get ridiculous and unbelievable quick and never turns it around. Bruce Willis is ok, but he is forgetable. Alec Baldwin as the evil NSA guy is a really out of place casting. Even though I just watched it, this movie is incredibly forgettable.

Wanchi S (it) wrote: "? (R)' 3/4, (R)"?,?'-~? (R)',

Tasos L (ca) wrote: One of the best Seagal films. Nice Italian expressions and dialogues...

Crystal M (es) wrote: a special movie to watch with you special bff.

Sylvester K (ca) wrote: Don't be fooled by the bad acting, the direction and some of the plot twists were actually not so bad. The film was really homoerotic for no reason, but the satire of the NYPD was quite well done, lots of tough dilemmas were dealt with too. The signature weapon of the Maniac Cop was a tachi which was actually a really cool. I wouldn't say it's a good film, but certainly it's not horrible.

Robert I (au) wrote: To put it plainly.. the collaboration of Herzog and Kinski outdoes virtually anything else ever put up on the screen. This final installment of that collaboration is solid gold.

Robin H (fr) wrote: Good Lucio Fulci Movie

Stephanie P (fr) wrote: This is the first Ronald Reagan movie I ever saw, and I have to say that I'm pretty impressed with it. It has his future wife Nancy Davis in it. I don't know if this is when they first met or not, but it's really cool to see them before he came President and her first lady.

Abu A (fr) wrote: Lon: The Professional love music and movies

Leena L (br) wrote: I hate open ends, where is the climax if things just.... are left without answers? Freaky sects and brain wash and then... nothing. The film is not bad, until the very end. Which there is not.

javier l (fr) wrote: cant wait till I get married smh