White Deer Plain

White Deer Plain


White Deer Plain is a 2011 Chinese drama film directed by Wang Quan'an and based on the novel of the same name by Chen Zhongshi. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joe M (jp) wrote: Absolutely over the top! Starts with a bang and just keeps going. The whole story is totally off the wall yet it keeps going with suspense, laughs, action and just sheer mayhem. See it!

Jim H (de) wrote: The Siberian trappers are about as organic as it gets!

Matt M (mx) wrote: The opening sequence of this movie is outstanding. I just wish the rest of the movie had lived up to it. (And the introductory scene takes place well before the main character even dons his injustice-fighting costume for the first time!)

Luc H (kr) wrote: An absolutely thrilling movie. I loved this movie and watch it on rainy days.

Mike S (kr) wrote: A thorough, concise, and well balanced documentary. Not only does it entertain and inform, but its comprehensive enough to let even the noobiest of noobs know enough about street art.

Trofmoc J (ca) wrote: Nice to see an interracial movie where the black woman is desired.

intuciic (br) wrote: pretty boring love story

Dan H (au) wrote: Good story, makes you think.

Lee M (it) wrote: Delightful Canadian film about one young woman's (Sandra Oh) coming-of-age.

Jacob B (gb) wrote: B+I will never process why 'Clerks' was filmed in black-and-white, although I can kind of see why. But to talk about the movie itself; it is definitely very funny and totally feels like it should be adapted to stage as a non-musical. Maybe I'll Tweet Kevin Smith right now.

john m (gb) wrote: this one wasnt as good but still a 5star film

Dr N (ag) wrote: It's not at all exciting and the plot only barely exists, but Christopher Lee kisses (or should i say bites) it all better with his short screen-time. Every so often you'll get a glimmer of those eyes and teeth and you know that Dracula REALLY is back from the grave, thank god for that...otherwise it would have been just a little bit more of a waste of time.

Jessi t (ca) wrote: I can't really decide whether it was good or not because I'm too busy being amazed at it's existance. It's so strange. Have to admire Steckler for getting it done, though. Yeesh. I don't think I'd want either Rat Pfink or Boo Boo trying to rescue me, though.

Steven S (mx) wrote: The most Western of all kaiju films, but still good fun with an inconic monster at the heart.

Scotty P (it) wrote: Now I see why they call it the dark side of Woodstock

Juli N (kr) wrote: Any critic that gives this film a high ranking can't be taken seriously ever again!

Nikki M (au) wrote: Decent combination of comedy and some seriousness. Jason Segel does nothing for me though. Emily Blunt saved this one for me.