White Line Fever

White Line Fever

An independent trucker with a pregnant wife fights cargo crooks and the big shot they work for.

Returning from a stint in the Air Force, Carrol Jo Hummer borrows money to buy a truck, hoping to make enough money hauling produce to marry Jerri Kane and set up housekeeping. He discovers... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


White Line Fever torrent reviews

Phil F (ag) wrote: Cute gay rom-com. Predictable, but rom-coms often are. The straight-girl sidekick isn't the annoying, over-the-top character often seen in these types movies.

Mark L (de) wrote: Social commentary at it's most disturbing. Superbly scripted and acted.

Sanford R (ag) wrote: I'm done with these after the third one.

King L (ru) wrote: Not great but it was nice to see Jolene Blalock again. I liked her in the last Star Trek TV series "Enterprise." Caspar Van Dien returns from the first movie but that didn't help either.

Chelsea C (nl) wrote: I used to worship this kid when I was a little kid!

Lee M (de) wrote: With it's various flaws, it's easy to understand why this was Herzog's final collaboration with the lead actor, but Kinski's performance nevertheless serves up a potent confusion of documentary and fiction that has long been an essential element of Herzog's filmmaking.

Kristal C (nl) wrote: Cute, but not my favourite "conniving starlet" movie of this era.

Clay B (ru) wrote: CANDYMAN 2: FAREWELL TO THE FLESH (1995)

Karen T (de) wrote: I was surprised! It's a suspenseful, psychological drama. Yes! I enjoyed everyone's performance. I'm not a J. Phoenix or Woody Allen fan.