White Palace

White Palace

Max Baron is a Jewish advertising executive in his 20s who's still getting over the death of his wife. Nora Baker is a 40-something diner waitress who enjoys the wilder side of life. Mismatched or not, their attraction is instant and smoldering. With time, however, their class and age differences become an obstacle in their relationship, especially since Max can't keep Nora a secret from his Jewish friends and upper-crust associates forever.

Max Baron (James Spader) is a 27-year-old high flying advertising executive still recovering from the death of his wife. One night he is in a bar when he meets Nora Baker (Susan Sarandon) a... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alexandria L (us) wrote: This is actually a story about two sisters sticking together in a broken home, doing what they can to survive. It's solely told for their point of view and that can be something that doesn't sit right with everyone, but it will make you question your morals in the end. Though I found that Abigail Breslin's performance as the older sister Sandra faltered a bit, Georgie Henley shined in the role as the troubled younger sister Beth.

Ro D (jp) wrote: Great way to say what happend with the kids in the country really touching and well made

Bryan T (ca) wrote: Plot Synopsis: Monk sits down, Monk stands up, Monk walks through hall. etc. Snow falling is about the most exiting thing that happens. One of the most boring things i've ever seen.

Johnny B (nl) wrote: Wow man. That was something. Simplistic movie making at its finest. I mean, talk about your scathing social commentary. I had some minor issues with it here and there, but overall... wow.

Stewart (br) wrote: So bad it's hilarious.

ChillinDylan G (ru) wrote: The best of his first 3 films. The movie is shot in much more Anderson style than Rushmore is with his quick cuts, great attention to detail in every tight frame, and multiple angles and depth. The cast consists of some of my favorite actors (Gene Hackman, Bill Murray, Gwyneth Paltrow), and the performances are fantastic. A lot of information is divulged early and takes a little while to disseminate, but once you grasp each characters idiosyncrasies and motives, the film really gets into a flow. Gene Hackman pulls off the sleezy manipulator very convincingly, and the rest of the characters are very well constructed and portrayed. The narration, scene descriptions, and chapter breaks are all nice touches that add to the quirkiness, and the movie stays pretty even-keel throughout - even after Luke Wilson's big move - until the last 1/4. This film is certainly not as light-hearted as Moonrise Kingdom or even Bottle Rocket, but this film has deeper undertones and deals with more palatable personal issues (and personal discovery) than some of his other films. Very good film.Grade = 8.5/10

Guillaume L (us) wrote: Je ne suis pas familier de l'univers des jeux videos Wing Commander donc je ne peux pas juger de la fidelite de l'adaption, par contre le film en lui-meme a le cote kitsch et le dynamisme d'un Star Trek, la qualite d'ecriture (des dialogues en particulier) et la diversite des personnages en moins. Autant dire qu'il ne reste pas grand chose...

Jesse L (mx) wrote: A Disney movie that rips off another Disney movie. Yeah this movie sucks and is toxic Garbage avoid it at all cost

Adam E (it) wrote: Classic Billy Wilder comedy.

Svend C (nl) wrote: Not exactly like and much earlier than the Priest this film is touching some of the same issues of sexuality and the Roman Catholic Church. Jack Lemmon and Zeljko Ivanek are both great.

Davis K (gb) wrote: As one critic said "It was better at 12 yrs old, to be quite honest.", still like it for its most valued line in the movie, "Get down with your Bad Hopkido, self, Skridlow!"

Jaxon W (ca) wrote: how'd you cheat on the bar?

Scott J H (es) wrote: I liked this film. I feel like it accurately depicted highschool as it was, without the overdone glamour that we saw in "The Bling Ring" but with all the angst. We see these teens in their natural habitat, day to day. Emma Roberts was excellent as April, the shy and thoughful protagonist. Torn between liking the irresponsible and kind stoner kid, Teddy (played by Jack Kilmer) and a schoolgirl crush on her middle-aged, kind-of creepy soccer coach, Mr. B (James Franco). Although not much (if any) character development happens in this one, the slow moving plot fit in with the tone of the film, it's honest, a bit dreary and beautiful all at once. I think some may view this film and think it's pretentious. Some of the characters were particularily unlikeable and I wasn't really able to care much about what happened to them by the end of the film, it all spiralled out of control slowly and kind of leaves you hanging, but you'll have to see it for yourself. Overall, personally I enjoyed it because I am a teenager still, and I can relate to some (but definitely not all) of it's content. Palo Alto was though-provoking and cool. Give this film a try if you enjoy the kind of edgy aesthetic and light drama that shows a you a side of teen life you maybe haven't experienced. Fred: "If you were in the olden times, what would you do?" Teddy: "I'd be the King."

James S (nl) wrote: 3.5 stars for this life pondering drama. Miles is single and middle aged with the shallow perks and deep unhappiness that brings. Pinot noir is a thin skinned grape, wine is always changing and alive, red and white are just about the skins. Happy ending as miles connects with mya, who for some reason is interested in him. His friendship with jack is another interesting theme. Movie discusses the 'male menopause'.