White Sands

White Sands

A small southwestern town sheriff finds a body in the desert with a suitcase and $500,000. He impersonates the man and stumbles into an FBI investigation.

A small southwestern town sheriff finds a body in the desert with a suitcase and $500,000. He impersonates the man and stumbles into an FBI investigation. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Je m appelle L (br) wrote: I thought that this movie was inspirational and at the same time predictable. It was a very interesting movie though.

Joshua L (au) wrote: visually the movie was a cool idea and sometimes a real treat 2 the eyes, but the story is jus way slow and at times hard 2 follow. I wouldnt watch it again.

Ale L (kr) wrote: Wow, that was (yawn) silly and boring. It just didn't... (yawn) get... me... invested... ZZZZZ.

Jim F (br) wrote: I kinda feel sorry for the teacher in this movie. Here is a teenage girl who's father has gone, who's mother is too selfish to to devote any time, interest or patience in her children, and a younger sister who appears hell bent on harming herself. She becomes noticed, and quite rightly encouraged to focus on her talents by her English teacher, who appears nothing but honorable with regards to his interest in her. She comes to him for comfort when her despair is at an uttermost high and although he is uncomfortable in giving her the comfort she requires she sends out a message to him that he is becomming a little bit more than the father figure she is desperately in need of. Even so far as the beach, knowing he has developed feelings for the kid, it seems at no time is he going to abuse his position. Even the kiss on the beach seemed to be a natural act of progress, untill he takes her to his room, and goes too far and allows his urges to get the better of him. She feels violated, cheated maybe and changes her poem from one they've worked on together, into an attack on him. Marvelessly written on a napkin in a diner one afternoon, i didnt quite understand what it was she was so offended by in his book.

Mike S (fr) wrote: Very boring. Doesn't have enough in the plot to sustain itself. The casting is easily the worst within the franchise. It just does not have any suspense or scares or horror. It's really a slap in the face toward John Carpenter. I do not recommend this movie to anyone.

Sakura O (gb) wrote: Do you know twilight? Twilight is written by Stephenie Mayer, and this is the love story between a vampire and a human. When I was a high school student, I read this book written in Japanese. My school's library staff recommended it because I liked fantasy stories. Main characters are Isabella Swan, Edward Cullen, Jacob Black and Cullen's family. Cullen's members are vampires, but they don't eat humans. Isabella is a shy girl and Cullen's family is so beautiful. Jacob is the wolf man, however, this video doesn't show it. In addition, there is James in this story. He eats humans and likes fights and games. He is a dangerous person for Isabella. Isabella is Edward's favorite blood, so he is attracted to her. At first, he escapes from her because he doesn't want to eat humans. However, he can't bear escaping. During his conflict, Isabella researches about his secret and knows the truth. They fall in love and begin to dating. One day, Isabella plays baseball with Cullen's family. During the game, James party comes there, and he realized that Isabella is human. So, he chases Isabella. I think it is the main story in this movie. I have read this story in Japanese. Then, I wanted to see this story. I was very surprised to see it because this video is as expected. This movie is faithful to the original story. While I read this, I imagined beautiful view and person, and everything is attractive. For example, there are many bright green forests. Moreover, the plot is also as the book. Then some characters are not as expected. For example, Carlisle's hair and Jacob hair. I thought Carlisle Cullen has dark hair. In this movie, Carlisle has bright hair. And, in my image, Jacob hair is more shorter than movie's Jacob. However, this video acting exceeds the disagreeable part, and it is so wonderful. The acting is real, so I couldn't believe that it was acting. For example, when Edward bears Isabella's smell and blood, he seems to be really painful. Moreover, Isabella is at a loss for words and can't talk well when she is angry. The fantastic direction makes me amazed. In the scene where Edward is bright like diamonds, I couldn't imagine this scene when I read it. I was convinced of this creative direction. After watching the video, I watched another vampire video which was not the twilight series. Do you like vampire movies? Basically, I don't like vampire movies because some vampire videos are grotesque. I don't like also this video, but I like twilight because it is not grotesque, and so beautiful. Every scene and actor is beautiful and attractive, which draws me into the world of Twilight. Some characters are not as I had imagined, but the awesome casting fits each character. If you have read Twilight once, you should watch it. This movie is faithful to the books. Unlike other vampire videos, this is not grotesque, but this beautiful video sometimes makes you thrilling and attracted. You will be amazed.

George Z (jp) wrote: Donald Sutherland adds his typicaly querky class and charisma to the demented bomber character especially when singing the lyric 'They're going to find uranus on a mountain on mars'

CAROL H (au) wrote: Three generations of Douglas family in a down to earth, no frills movie. Toss in some real family emotions for an enjoyable movie.

Leah F (au) wrote: I saw this one when I was very little

Michael W (es) wrote: Good but not enough to really distinguish from Burt's other films of the 80s; except maybe that red wig sported by Charles Durning. Candace seems too smart to fall for a hood like the one Burt plays. Burt directs and recruits his favourite singer (Anne Murray) for the closer.

Daniel S (kr) wrote: Good god, this has to go down as one of the greatest mysteries of all time film history, how did this get made, i mean i know both stallone and parton were huge stars at the time, but there are so many other ways you could get them together, sly singing country is literally the worst possible idea you can think of, see it if you wanna see for yourself how bad it is, but its also sad to see richard fransworth give an actual good performance, i was depressed to see him in this, just like gene kelly in xanadu

Kristen M (gb) wrote: Oh, I just happened by this film channel checking and what a gem! Intrigue, comedy and a most interesting plot! If this style appeals to you at all, you will thoroughly enjoy this film!

Augustine H (jp) wrote: Way better than the so-called Hitchcockian classics. What Hepburn experienced here could mean to be a real hopeless and dreadful thriller. The tensions and fear are not exogenously imposed, but catalyzed from within. It could never have been that involving without the perfect score, as well as the great performance from the cast, especially Hepburn and the gruesome Alan Arkin.

Eugene B (mx) wrote: Ocean's Twelve makes a fair attempt in developing some complexity in its story, even though the shaky direction and unnecessary plot points will make you think otherwise. Clooney, Pitt, Damon, Roberts, new addition Zeta-Jones and cast continue with their shtick but not enough to hide the blemishes that weigh down the film. 3/5