White White World

White White World

In the Serbian drama "White, White World", the characters sing, but never dance. Formulated as a modern day Greek tragedy set in the decrepit eastern mining town of Bor, the movie follows a...

In the Serbian drama “White White World: The Miner’s Opera” (“Beli Beli Svet”), the characters sing, but never dance. Formulated as a modern day Greek tragedy set in the decrepit southeastern mining town Bor, the movie follows a close group of alienated locals through misguided love affairs and other brash misdeeds. But the songs feature no choreography or other stylish methods of breaking the harsh, downtrodden tableaux. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Erika S (kr) wrote: Had VIP tickets for the show in Greensboro, NC. The story kept me on the edge of my seat. It is a great movie and it's shows what a cast they had to keep this movie one that you were waiting to see what happens next considering how little time they had to shoot it.

Ben R (br) wrote: This is the only movie that can be interesting about swimming

Peter P (ru) wrote: This underrated film directed by Olivier Assayas explores the seamy intersection of the corporate economy with the underground economy. Diane (Connie Nielsen), is a corporate spy, who, in the first scene, drugs her superior and then has her abducted by hired thugs in order to take over her project, which involves buying majority shares in a Japanese animation studio that specializes in erotica. She advances to the top of a venture capital firm, while staying on the secret payroll of a company fighting to keep its share of the growing market in internet porn. But the ambitious Diane runs afoul of its rival, which happens to have a sideline in some rough ventures catering to the jaded and the depraved. Nielsen goes from icy to vulnerable as her character becomes trapped in a series of increasingly nightmarish situations. The film traces a harrowing arc from gleaming corporate offices and elegant French hotels to squalid dungeons charged with supplying the few remaining pleasures capable of arousing the desensitized. The clinical gaze of Assayas's camera manages to keep the lurid nature of the material from overwhelming the film. Its cool, detached approach is well-suited to the actors, who play essentially unsympathetic characters, ruthless in their desire for money. Not easy to watch, but the film does confront the disturbing reality that the borderless world of global capitalism generates and expands its own infernal regions.

Murder C (fr) wrote: Toby Wong (Mark Dacascos) is a run away prototype of a new improved human experiment that hooks up with a man named Malik Brody (Kadeem Hardison) who just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. The best way to describe "Drive" would be that it is a b-movie version of "Rush Hour" (even if it was released a year before the first "Rush Hour" movie) with Kadeem Hardison playing a less irritating Chris Tucker and Mark Dacascos as a less cool Jackie Chan. In the middle of the movie Brittany Murphy shows up as a over-the-top ridiculously funny motel owner named Deliverance and is the real highlight of the movie. In the end, "Drive" is pretty much a forgotten martial arts action comedy, it sure is silly but also pretty damn entertaining.

Adam P (kr) wrote: Some fun demon effects and a hair metal aesthetic drive this strangely conservative rock 'n' roll horror treasure. When a demonic rock band (The Black Roses) sets up a five-gig run in a podunk town to kick off their tour, the square and middle-aged reactionaries turn out to be the heroes. Though it feels like it was produced by and for the KISS-hating parents of the bible belt (the Roses' music makes kids evil), the movie still knows that its hellish effects and rock performances are its most entertaining asset. And entertaining it is.

Noah B (ag) wrote: This movie is outstanding. The Acting is A perfect and the scenes are executed great. Spielberg's vision of the story is very amazing and the terror is worked out geniusly. I strongly recommend this classic.

Andrew V (es) wrote: Quite wonderfully weird!

Jens L (fr) wrote: I'm into horror movies and I like some very brutal ones...but this torture porn is simply disgusting...I saw the director talking about his movie and I just could thought...what an idiot