Who Killed Johnny

Who Killed Johnny

The life of two desperate Swiss Expats who try to write their first script turns up side down when they discover a dead body on the street.

The life of two desperate Swiss Expats who try to write their first script turns up side down when they discover a dead body on the street. Will they achieve to finish the script on time, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alex G (ca) wrote: Tons of heart and in places unexpected. This film excels at building on the real struggles of an incredibly diverse cast. Everyone grows and the film builds into something really special.

Stephen C (fr) wrote: Returning again to the themes he covered in American Gigolo ,Light Sleeper and of course Taxi Driver ,Director Paul Schrader turns in a low key but interesting character study with a peerless performance from Woody Harrelson. The film is talky yes,but the dialogue and the actors here make the film always watchable. The suppoting female cast are fine but this is Woody's show and a performance that deserves to be better known. As The Walker of the title he plays a man who has loads but lacks a centre a theme which crops up in the directors best work. Schrader is one of my favourite directors and Screen writers and here is some of his finest work

Deidra R (ag) wrote: This movie Teaches you about living in the Arctic as these animals struggle for survival! It is a must see!

Olguita S (kr) wrote: Did not like it all.....

Bill B (ru) wrote: Jesus Christ on a bike, how boring can you make a thriller? I don't wanna sound too crass here, but if you're going to make a film that's this boring and supposedly exploitative, you should at least have cast a female lead who is willing to do nudity, because this is boring as hell and if you don't see the 'twist' coming a mile away, you're just not trying.Pass, unless you are an Elisha Cuthbert completist.

R R B (br) wrote: Otro maravilloso clsico de Pixar

Taylor M (fr) wrote: It is a bit fluffy, but this film works on the merits of Mamet's writting and Jack Nicholson's stellar acting.

krystal d (mx) wrote: tragic story i love the books on her life

Sgt C (mx) wrote: You can tell is is based on a play as the one location setting is perfect for it, and it does translate quite well as a film thanks to the talent of Fredkin. The performances are sublime and the story is interesting, but this's not a very fun film to watch, in fact it's a grimy nightmare, and by the end it becomes a real horror show. Well worth a look, but it won't be for everyone.

Diren Y (gb) wrote: Should be watched again every second or third year.

Jonny C (jp) wrote: Another great John Ford Western. Fort Apache tells the story of a bitter colonel who gets assigned to a remote fort after a brilliant war record. Director Ford's portrayal of the actual story shines the light on Colonel Thursday as a glory hunting fool, rather than a heroic war hero. I loved the performances from The Duke and Fonda, who are given able support from an adult Shirley Temple, and then husband John Ager. I also thought the cinematography was first-class, and I enjoyed the authentic dialogue. Fort Apache is a definite must see for all Western fans.

RetroGamerGuys (ag) wrote: Sure, some of the comedy is dull and the acting is a bit corny at times, but it just brings so many memories of making. Lives with your friends that it is worth a watch if it's on TV.

Iris L (nl) wrote: Based on a true story, this is a slice of life in the life of an elderly couple. James Cromwell is mesmerizing in his performance. Not to be missed.

Fernando Jos G (nl) wrote: Fluye pero no lo suficiente, es algo que puede predecirse y que al menos, el carisma de Matt y Greg recompensa esa historia que se acerca a lo trillado.