Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Mike Nichols’ film from Edward Albee's play brought new themes to the film industry. Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton have never been more brilliant together as they portray an experienced married couple who love each other yet verbally attack one another when they see how boring their naïve newlywed guests have made their night.

A bitter aging couple with the help of alcohol, use a young couple to fuel anguish and emotional pain towards each other. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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August S (it) wrote: Nothing new about people going in a secluded place where there's no phone signal and unknowingly to the characters, there lives a serial murderer and the fun begins! However, Dying Breed delivers something a little more of the cliches and thats just how far it goes.

Cori A (br) wrote: What a shitty ending. (November 17, 2012)


Sean G (au) wrote: Interesting ideas, poor animation. Fleshed out and redone this could be a good premise, as it stands the film is pretty Bleh.

Corey S (de) wrote: Great moving story and one of the best denzel performances

Luc L (us) wrote: I caught this flick at a movie channel nearly ten years ago, i remember it pretty vividly as being truly darkly funny and it was a time when reality tv show were really popular. Seeing it again on DVD, i remember how entertaining to watch, if you are in a mood of a black comedy in the sickest vain. It is extremely well directed satire, also written by the director (Who has a long career as a television director). Smith is a terrific in the lead (Who best known as the latest victim of serial killer in "The Silence of the Lambs"). Her character, what she has to go through is fun to watch. Burke is a middle-age nurse does have some amusing moments too. I know, this movie has a loyal cult following. It is well done. It is certainly worth seeing, even if you haven't heard of it. If you like reality t.v. show, give this a try. Will Arnett appears in a cameo and he is also the film's narrator, who goes some of the biggest laughs in the picture.

SV G (ru) wrote: Christian Bale is a wonder in this - just amazing. A unique & insightful story into a young man's life who is emotionally a little slow and runs away after his mother's death to escape a sadistic step-father. Along the way he meets another lost soul who long since had run away from something himself. This unlikely pair find solace and a purpose together in the appreciation of nature and "rescuing" animals who were killed along the road-side and burying them. Though lovely just as it starts to feel a little slow pace - it gradually picks up to one surprising, thilling and exciting ending. This very much reminded me of something Hitchcock would have liked to have done and I think he would have done it much the same. Great movie!

Mr N (au) wrote: Man on Fire is thrilling, dark, well acted and the ending will bring out some tears. Denzel Washington is of course on his A-Game as well as Dakota Fanning pulling off a great child performance. Man on Fire is criminally underrated but it doesn't mean its without flaws of course. The flaws I can think of are the fact that it is kind of cliche and some parts of it is a little over the top, but other than that Man on Fire is a very solid crime thriller! Is it perfect? No. But for what it was going for the late Tony Scott did a great job.

Ilja S (jp) wrote: Three Kings is a brilliant mix of a war film, drama, comedy and action film, all based on real events and masterfully directed by David O. Russell.

Augustine H (de) wrote: Jacques Tati is brilliant, as the French Chaplin, in combating the cold technology and the hypocritical bourgeoisie.

Joss B (jp) wrote: Sally Field greatest movie!

Ryan S (au) wrote: This movie was way more fun and humorous than it had right to be. If you're a silly action movie fan, like me, this one is a must.