Whose Life Is It Anyway?

Whose Life Is It Anyway?

Ken Harrison is an artist that lives to make sculptures. One day he is involved in a car accident, and is paralyzed from his neck down. All he can do is talk and move his head, and he wants to die. Whilst he is in hospital he makes friends with some of the staff, and they support him when he goes to trial to be allowed to die.

Ken Harrison is an artist that makes sculptures. One day he is involved in a car accident, and is paralyzed from his neck. All he can do is talk, and he wants to die. In hospital he make ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jacob C (nl) wrote: 65/100 - This was a complete surprise. What looked like a really generic rom-com was exactly that...except it was so self-aware. They Came Together ends up poking a ton of fun at romantic comedies in general. There's quite a few references to classic romantic comedies that make it so obvious. It generally works, even if some of them come from left field and/or can get tiring. Poehler and Rudd have great chemistry, though, so it's something worth watching.

M C (fr) wrote: Somewhat entertaining, but never risky or ambitious enough to find many real laughs. 36/100

Don S (es) wrote: My type of movie: historical action with characters you can relate to, blurred lines between good and evil, and a little unforced romance thrown into the mix. Fassbender is terrific, Kurylenko does a great job without dialogue, and despite her unfortunate name, Imogen Poots is a beauty with acting skills. Surround all this with awesomely choreographed battle scenes and you've got a product that blew me away. Wonderful.

Matt B (gb) wrote: great movie, the end makes you say WTF!?

James P (us) wrote: Not as good as the original but in my top Seagal films

Lauren D (jp) wrote: Firstly I will say that I wouldn't have heard or watched this had James Spader not been in it. And I'm pretty biased with Spader movies, because he's James Spader. So that's why it has such a high rating. Romance in any form (except gay romance!) bores the hell out of me, and I never go anywhere near it. I don't like Susan Sarandon either. But, I figured it's got James Spader in it, so even if it's boring as hell, there's James Spader. So, the plot isn't interesting to me, and honestly the whole movie was pretty lame, but as I keep saying: JAMES SPADER. I don't really know what to say about it, but it probably isn't worth watching unless you're majorly obsessed with James Spader like I am.

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Ryan V (ca) wrote: Absolutely compelling film! Fabulous plot, story line, and great representation of the actual disaster within the emotional story.

Movie K (ru) wrote: Rather violent animation of the series. Jason Todd, the 2nd Robin is whacked terribly by Joker and then die in the explosion. Batman came a few seconds too late. A new baddie Red Hood kills a few useful men and command the crime bosses to work for him and to pay him 40% of the cut. But he want the drugs to steer clear school and children. Batman and Nightwing fights him but he is really good. In the audio Batman replay and heard him mention his name. The big boss Blackface want to show him a lesson and start to disrupt joints and hire assassins to kill him. Batman fight with Red Hood and defeat the assassins. He get a blood sample and confirm Red Hood is the dead Robin. He dig the grave and the body inside is fake. Batman find Ra's al Ghul and Ra's admit it is his doing. He want to make up for it. Years ago his plan was disrupt by Batman and so he hire Joker to distract him. But Joker is bonkers and kill Robin which isn't Ra's plan. So he get Robin corpse and submerge into the youth fountain. It revive him but he is a tormented man. Robin escaped and can't be found. Blackface use all ways to break Joker out of the asylum and want him to kill Red Hood. Turns out Joker wanna kill them all too in a fire. Red Hood says his plan is to meet Joker again. Batman quickly intercept their fight and Red Hood took off the mask and reveal he is Robin. He didn't blame Batman for not saving him back then. He just don't know why he didn't kill Joker. So he force Batman to either kill him when he hold Joker hostage or kill Joker straight. Batman jam his gun and Robin start the bomb timer. He manage to save him before explosion. Joker is send back to asylum.

Sarfara A (au) wrote: Flawless is written & directed by Joel Schumacher. Starring Robert De Niro and Philip Seymour Hoffman. While I don't like gay/homo movies at all, neither dramatic nor comic, more precisely I am fed-up of this community. I was scratching my head whole time watching this silly movie. While I do appreciate somewhat good performance from both Di Niro and Hoffman, yet I would never go blind just to consider this plot doing enough for (us) audience in terms of providing entertainment and relaxation. It is dull most of the time, some scenes are really touchy, but they are eaten up by coming junk-scene. Somewhere I'd read somebody calling Schumacker as sh**maker, watching this movie does make him right briefly. CAUTION: Stay-Away

Elgan D (ru) wrote: Some interesting ideas somewhat wasted by a overzealously paced plot and questionable acting from the late wrestling icon, the end result being something of a farce.