Wicked City

Wicked City

This animated Japanese film is a dark, adult-oriented thriller. A peace treaty between the Earth and the Black World, a parallel universe of spider-like aliens is coming to an end. Two cops, Taki, a human male, and Maki, a female alien, are assigned to protect a diplomat who will help secure another treaty. A radical group of aliens from the Black World are out to assassinate the diplomat and prevent the treaty; only the bond that forms between the two cops can save the Earth from destruction. Sex is strongly associated with violence in many graphic scenes; although this is intended to play a symbolic role, this theme is used excessively. The story is effective, but the film is definitely not for children or anyone easily offended.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:82 minutes
  • Release:1987
  • Language:Japanese,English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:surrealism,   rape,   suicide,  

There has been peace between the worlds of the mortals and the supernatural for centuries, but the balance is now being threatened. The Radical elements from the Supernatural world are ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Samantha S (ca) wrote: Simple movie - I love Taylor Kitsch and he was great in this role. Probably the most straight-laced role I've seen him in and he nailed it.

Mark C (br) wrote: A slow burn of movie with one singular plot, daring me to anticipate a proper payoff. It never came, and the final scene flew way over my head, causing confusion and anger.

Jith P (es) wrote: An interesting story with great characters that are wonderfully flawed. The last scenes look like they were shot in Agra. Can hardly wait to see how Taj with Sir Ben Kingsley & Aishwarya Rai turns out!

Inter A (it) wrote: While the movie is largely a diegetic narrative of one of the dead characters who lives in the movie, the tone is largely sublime in my opinion. The music is very well done and somehow seems something that a French movie would aspire to, that is create a strong sense of Deja Vu. Most will not like it because it deals with filth and death and decay, but keeping aside the directors fascination with natural corruption, the story telling and camera work creates a dissonance that can really work at times. I would certainly recommend it for the gore, but also for the mood and texture that is quite gritty and dreamy all at once.

jesus h (fr) wrote: aaa too bad for me is just stupid

Bannan i (it) wrote: I love warner independant flicks...and due to JBit's influence...starting to fall in love with aussie film...but srsly kids it was alrie...nothing terribly special.

Magdalena L (ca) wrote: Visually stunning, eerie, disturbing, twisted.... a perfect movie! One of the few that made me jump up in my chair and scream out loud, even though it's not an obvious horror movie. Definately a favourite!

House M (br) wrote: Claire Denis was clearly inspired by the Nouvelle Vague in her directing (something that she took from Wim Wenders). A lot of close ups to bring the sensorial intensity. In a very confined time lapse, a one night stand, several steps from a full relationship are put through (first date,sexual exaltation, happiness, possessiveness/jealousy, forgiveness, detachment and break up). I liked the really dark bestial environment of the street night. It's a like it or hate it flick. Not a must but a should see. P.S: Best performance from Valerie Lemercier in my opinion, (for once she was not trying to be funny).

Leslie A (au) wrote: I took issue with the romantic aspect of this, but all the mob stuff was great.

Carol M (mx) wrote: Visually fine but doesn't offer anything new on an overworked theme. And a frankly squirm-worthy love scene in its extreme sappiness. One of those movies I saw in the theater and only made it to the end because we carpooled.

tina p (us) wrote: i love the songs of this movie

kevin s (jp) wrote: Goofy as hell but lots of gory fun.

Danielle B (gb) wrote: Awesome! Kay is gorgeous! ^_^Oh and the Pasty Cline soundtrack helped make it awesome too! :)

Dalton N (it) wrote: A comedy without much comedy, but a whole heaping helping of weird!

Darryl S (kr) wrote: I can still recall -- as a high-schooler in Hawaii -- seeing an advertisement in the Los Angeles Times' Calendar section for an unfinished screening of this film (white lettering on black background) -- and how much I wished I were living in "the mainland" because (back in those days) films hit Hawaii weeks (even months) after making their openings in California or New York (even the mainland newspapers arrived days (even weeks) late!). I was such a dreamer in those days....

Private U (us) wrote: The story of memories.

Nancy S (it) wrote: Love Bob, Bing and Dorothy!!

Mark B (jp) wrote: no one can beat the hammerman williamson is the coolest

Melissa T (gb) wrote: The first half of the film was brilliant, the second half was predictable and far too long. Its originality stopped after the quick succession of immoral confessions, I still found it rather funny in parts. It was let down by the twist, in all honesty. Daniel Radcliffe's acting was stupendous nonetheless.