A woman with a tragic past decides to start her new life by hiking for one thousand miles on the Pacific Crest Trail.

In 1995, Cheryl Strayed decides to hike more than a thousand miles of the Pacific Crest Trail alone as a way to heal herself following the dissolution of her marriage and the death of her mother. The film presents a multi-linear narrative, presenting events from Cheryl hike in chronological order, with frequent flashbacks to earlier points in her life, featuring her (as a child, teenager, and young adult), her mother and brother, her former husband, and other people she has known. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gary T (ca) wrote: The first thing that is striking about this movie is the dark foreboding atmosphere throughout, which thoroughly suits the movie. The director has created some great sequences that are visually stunning, really great cinematography. On top of this the hand to hand combat and actions scenes are fantastic. I would say the fight scenes are some of the best I have ever seen.The story is well thought out, containing divergent main lines that intertwine, without being convoluted and is not wholly dependant on some final super dramatic twist, though it does have one. The dialogue is well above standard which would only leave the acting to let it down, but no, surprise surprise, the acting is excellent. So what did let it down? The moodiness of the movie sometimes had the undesirable effect of slowing the pace down to the point where you feel like its dragging its heals. Overall though I loved it.

hunter i (jp) wrote: Looks pretty good, not as boring as it seems.

Jeff B (ag) wrote: Horribly 80's, with the acting to match. Remnants of "Wild at Heart" and "Wild Orchid" dance in my head like a freaky zombie bash.

Tim M (au) wrote: A good fun comedic western which pays homage to previous western films. Don Knotts is hilarious as always and pulls of the dentist/gunslinger routine well. Doc the Haywood wears black despite being a hero - perhaps showing how little Dr. Jesse W. Haywood about the west. The plot feels like some of his other Universal Studios films but still worth the watch since the scenarios and sequences are all pretty much unique. Lots of fun with a catchy opening theme song and more great music by Vic Mizzy. The closet change scene is especially funny as is the opening dentist school routine.

Ben L (it) wrote: This is a film about a woman who is struggling to run her family's farm on her own, when out of nowhere her little sister shows up with the entire cast of a stage play who have plans to use the barn for rehearsals and test performances. Naturally this collision of 2 different worlds leads to a lot of arguing, and also a lot of romance. I love musicals like this even though the plots are somewhat predictable, and this one has enough twists and turns that it doesn't follow all the conventions of the genre. It might not shock you, but it is good at keeping you involved because you aren't 100% sure how it will end. With star talent like Judy Garland and Gene Kelly you just know you're in for top notch song and dance numbers. Judy Garland has that big impressive voice that is so amazing, and then Gene Kelly starts dancing and I sit there in awe. The most notable numbers are Judy Garland performing "Get Happy" for the first time, and a dance number by Gene Kelly with a newspaper and a squeaky floorboard that you won't soon forget. Two of the greats at the top of their game.The story takes awhile to get going. There is some attempts at humor early in the film, but they seem to fall flat. Even Phil Silvers hamming it up fails to elicit a laugh from me. But once the movie hits its stride and gets me emotionally invested suddenly everything starts picking up. Somewhere around the midway point it went from humorless to being laugh-out-loud funny. So you have to have patience with this film, but it will reward you in the end. The other issue I found with the movie is the fact that the film suddenly sped up and slowed down at strange moments. I'm not sure what the technical term for this situation is, but something odd went on in the editing room (or perhaps the restoration room) so that a scene is taking place at normal speed, and then a pig runs by at double speed. It was extremely awkward, but not enough to be a detriment to my enjoyment of Summer Stock. I think most people know already if this is the type of film they will like. If you've enjoyed other Gene Kelly films, this is one I would recommend, but if all that singing and dancing isn't for you then let give this one a pass.

Kora G (fr) wrote: Tom Hanks is brilliant as usual! A very gripping story and performance.

David P (fr) wrote: I'm not sure why I rented this one. If someone recommended this to me then they should remain annonymous.

Benjamin W (ca) wrote: I want to say that this film started the whole "terminal disease = Oscar nominee" trope, considering it's age. And yet, it almost seems formulaic in that respect. Predictable, but still pretty good.And with a very young Humphrey Bogart (and Ronald Reagan!) to boot!

Joshua L (kr) wrote: This movie is effectively weird with a strange creepiness to it. Its very well made