Wild in Blue

Wild in Blue

While filming his sadistic relationship with women, a killer's infatuation with a potential victim forces him to confront his past.

While filming his sadistic relationship with women, a killer's infatuation with a potential victim forces him to confront his past. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jim H (fr) wrote: Imagine taking a concept that in some ways could take four hours to be told in a movie, and then try to put it at the speed of a movie that should only last 80 minutes. It just doesn't work. Too many moving parts And not enough time spent to explain those moving parts " much less put them altogether. The lead actress, Michelle Monaghan, looks completely lost throughout most of the movie, and that's probably not her fault. She has a thankless, meatless role, and spends most of her time trying to figure out the impossible: what's going through Shia LeBeouf's head. He obviously doesn't know in this movie, and I'm not sure the writers do, either. And by the time they actually get to try to wrap it up in the last 20 minutes, it's a complete mess.

Benjamin B (de) wrote: Ripped apart by the screams. WHAT A MOVIE!!!

Jennifer M (ca) wrote: I couldn't even finish it. I'm currently reading the book, and I while I don't like to compare films and the books they are based on, they completely shifted the perspective from that of Native Americans to that of whites. The narrative was terrible, shifting in time and place with very little thread to tell you where they actually were in the actual timeline of events. And filled with melodramatic bad acting.

Anthony V (kr) wrote: Well titled. Bad direction. Bad script. A heroine so unlikable, and unintelligent that I was hoping she would die horribly within the first 20 minutes of her introduction. A lame antagonist.who does inexplicable things (such as sparing Penny's life, while instantly killing everyone else) for no apparent reason, than being an escaped mental patient. However, the films worst sin is that of the creation of boredom rather than suspense. Avoid at all costs.

paul t (nl) wrote: How about all those protests of simple living as they traipse around a palace having banquets? Otherwise, an interesting film and Castro is eloquent and entertaining. His long career means that he has an interesting take on current trends. Definitely worth a look. Not what I was expecting in many ways.

movier 2 (kr) wrote: i think i ve seen this movie but i m not sure..

William T (ca) wrote: Well acted and riveting story, but very disappointing and "unfinished" sort of ending. Hard to believe they left it where they did.

Chris B (mx) wrote: After the successes of many films which include Kurosawa's masterpiece Seven Samurai and Rashomon, I Live in Fear departs back to the Drama's Kurosawa also was a master at. I Live in Fear involves a family, a quite large extended family, and the head of the family Nakajima who is 70 years old and paranoid of being bombed. His family relies, almost obnoxiously, on him for their livelihood and as such are dependent on Nakajima. After trying to deal with his paranoia, Nakajima decides the only way to escape his fears is to move to Brazil with his family and thus escape Japan. Therein lies the plot of the film as his family is quite content living off their father and having it easy. The film displays Kurosawa's depth of characters and talent he drew from them. Toshiro Mifune who at the time was 35, plays Nakajima who is portrayed as 70 and as such is almost unrecognizable. His prowess and acting skills as well as his rather large frame aren't however so easily concealed with makeup and glasses. This is a great Drama from the master of Japanese cinema and is highly recommended!

Walter M (au) wrote: "Native Land" is a rousing call to action, featuring dramatized vignettes of true stories of those who risked everything to fight for their right to freedom of speech in organizing labor against big business during the Great Depression. Of special interest is the fact that the movie does not stop there, as it is also for an integrated brotherhood, open to all, while also warning about the dangers of the terrorist Ku Klux Klan. As you can see, "Native Land" is a movie that is well ahead of its time that goes beyond the accomplished way it is filmed with more than its fair share of suspenseful scenes. And as much as things have changed for the better in the decades since this movie was made, it is still relevant today as unions can still be important in this day and age where most of the workers are unorganized and issues like a working wage and health care remain paramount. Plus, Paul Robeson narrates and sings. How cool is that!

Skyler B (ru) wrote: The rare video game-based movie that actually ends up being pretty good. Fantastic visuals, a killer soundtrack of total ambient clangs and shredding noises, really great costume designs (little-to-no CGI), and OK use of the Pyramid Head. The only thing missing was an ending that made sense (to everyone. I understood it.)