Wild Innocence

Wild Innocence

A movie director does a new film against heroine consumption, and the producers are heroine dealers.

A movie director does a new film against heroine consumption, and the producers are heroine dealers. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dr F P (us) wrote: I still have no idea why my Sister enjoys this, nor why she even purchased it. Look at the poster and tell me this is going to be a great movie. "Bend It like Beckham". I think you can tell i have distant and not so fond memories of this. I can see it being attractive to the age group below 14 but not me.

Brendan N (jp) wrote: the film is obviously direct to video because its poor story development and action scenes are quite bad. playing out like the endless Bloodsport sequels we yet again have to sit through a movie which thinks mixing what made the original so good with action scenes is beyond me. the kickboxer series took a very bad turn here. while the original films where about fighting this film is action with some fighting mixed in. the only good scene is the ending fight scene but even that is badly staged. Sasha Mitchell worked hard to get into shape for the fighting but it is all for nothing and the only thing that saves this from rock bottom is the fact the next film is really bad. They clearly should have stopped at number two but like all things they must milk it for every last dollar. the filmmaking is just bad, the score is terrible and the acting, writing is appalling. give this a miss if you can there is nothing of merit here

Mateo S (fr) wrote: Certainly one of the best movies ever made. It is utterly heartbreaking and exquisite. Alain Delon gets his start with this one. Renato Salvatorri plays Simone, the absolutely neanderthal-like brother of Delon's Rocco. Must see. Worth the long runtime.

Richard Y (ru) wrote: Gotta see this one cos it's Clint Eastwood's debut film appearance, be it briefly as a lab technician and uncredited!

John R (nl) wrote: I thought pretty solid. Not sure why everyone hated it. Wish they made a second.

Ken T (gb) wrote: Not totally bad, but definitely an off the wall vampire flick...It had its moments for a interesting "B" flick"